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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Raise the Roof

The debate on what to do with the ceiling was decided today.  
What it looked like yesterday. 
What it looks like today.  Cost was the leading factor in our decision.  It will be raised from the former height where the sheetrock stops, to the new height of 12 feet in the center with sloped sides.  Not my first choice, but I am not complaining.  I am thrilled at the volume it will provide to the room.  
Now we are researching the chandelier and trying to decide were to place the table and the chandelier.  
Chris tied a 70" piece of trim over the makeshift table using a tape measure and level to extend it to the 101" of our dining table. I think moving the table to the center of room makes the most sense.  It allows room for the winch he plans to install to lower the chandelier for cleaning, bulb changes and to decorate of course!
Our pergola is covered with New Dawn roses which are in full bloom.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How High?

After tearing down the ceiling throughout the house, we decided to raise the ceiling in the kitchen, family room, and my office. 
That left the dining room.  
This is from the dining room looking into the kitchen area.  The wall between will be removed when the beam arrives.  You can see how low the dining ceilings are at about 8'3".
 Today, they torn down the dining ceiling and baby, oh baby, I now have vault envy!
 I never thought I wanted a vaulted ceiling since it doesn't seem to really fit my French Country theme. 
 But, just look at the height!  I loved this room the way it was before because of all the light, but with the ceiling completely open it is even more amazing.
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen area now that the ceiling is down.
 From the pantry looking back into the dining room. 
I have been trying to decide what to do with this.  I have some ideas. 

Trying to make up my mind, but I am leaning toward a coffered ceiling.  
 Late last night Chris moved the temporary kitchen back into the old kitchen space so they could demo the dining room.  This is what we have to work with for the next few months.  Up those stairs is our bedroom/bath which is now my space to recover.  
Not a great photo, but it does show the circulating ice packs that I wear almost 24/7 to keep the swelling down.  Having ice circulating around your knees keeps my entire body freezing!  

Sunday, May 8, 2016

To the Bare Walls

Left for the hospital Monday at 9:00 just as the construction crew showed up and started the demo. I guess it was good that I was out of the house when all this happened.
Looking into the old kitchen. 
After first round of demo.
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen
Here you can see the entire kitchen with the long bar.  On the left is the laundry area.  The blue tape marks where the new panty and island will be.  All of this is now gone.
They left the range behind, so Chris hooked it back up so we could use for a little while. 
This is looking from the dining room into the kitchen/family room area.  I have hated those sliding glass doors since we moved in.  Chris took one set down so he could move the refrigerator into the temporary kitchen.  On the right you can see part of the temporary kitchen we set up.  
What it looks like now.  They haven't finished removing all the old walls yet, but this will all be open into the kitchen.  
Looking from the front door into the formal living room and the partial wall from my office.  

Same view from the front door into what will now be the family room.  The pony walls with spindles are gone!  You can see the new wall between my office and the family room. 
My office with all the craft supplies removed.  
The new view into my office. This was actually the formal dining room but we always used it as my office since it was way too small for dining.  This will have a pocket door so I can close it off when company comes.  
Anther view into my office. Here you can better see the new dividing wall and that they raised the ceiling. 
Looking from the laundry area into the dining room. 
The view today with the bar and paneling removed.
Same view with everything removed.  The far wall will have built in bookshelves and cabinets.  
Still some demo left for tomorrow.  They are raising the ceilings only slightly in the kitchen, my office, family room and slightly higher in the dining room. Luckily, I have rehab in the AM so won't be here for the demo.  
Just few shots from the recovery process.

Forgive me if this entire post is disjointed.  I am still on pain meds!   This too shall pass.....  

Sunday, April 17, 2016

It Begins!

While I was out running errands Friday, this happened:

All the furniture, all the boxes..... GONE!   Dumpster arrives in a few days, and demo starts 4/25.  Knee replacement 5/2.  Go ahead, call me crazy and I will agree! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A New Visitor

Several years ago, I did a post about an owl that lived in our hollow tree which you can see HERE. Shortly after that post, the owl swooped across the road in chase after a bird and was hit by a truck as my husband stood and watched. We were so sad.  
For the last month or so, we have spotted a new Barred Owl in the woods next to our house. Isn't it a beauty?   He seems to like the wrought iron gate that my husband brought home.  It's not a gate to anywhere, it just hangs out in the woods for now.   

Last weekend as we pulled in the driveway in the late afternoon, the owl was visible in his/her usual spot. My husband did his perfect owl call and sure enough, our new visitor called back.  They carried on a conversation for a few minutes and then my husband left to run and errand.  Well this owl didn't like that one bit and he started calling and hooting for several minutes, trying to get a response and finally flew off deeper in the woods when he realized he was all alone again.   

Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Packing Process

The planning is almost over, the bids are completed, the decisions almost made, and we closed on the loan.  We are so close.  We are still frantically packing the last of it.  Once everything is out of the house, I plan to do a camera walk through to show you the very ugly, outdated before.

We hope the demolition will start week after next. That gives me next weekend to empty the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  It is also one week before I check into the hospital for bilateral knee replacement.  The only thing that would make my life crazier would be to get a kitten!  I know it will be worth it when all is finished, but I am not so sure about enjoying the journey.