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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Packing It In!

It's time!  Provided the bank agrees with our plans, we will start demo in about a month.  I have been bringing boxes home from work for a month.  Time to start unloading, sorting, and packing it all up.  


I gathered liquor boxes for all the stemware.  The dividers made wrapping unnecessary. These few didn't fit. I will have to hit Old Time Pottery for some empty boxes.  

At the last minute I decided to stack all the china and cake plates in the guest room rather than wrap and pack it.  I felt it would be safer there than in a Pod outside.  I plan to stack all the placemats and napkins on the bed.  
It's a start, but I still have VERY long way to go.  The dining room will probably be emptied completely tomorrow.  Then I will start on my craft room which will take some t-i-m-e!!  

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bent, but Not Broken....

View of our Sweet Bay Magnolia this morning.  At that point, we had about 3" of snow on top of ice.
 A few hours later, the Sweet Bay is broken :(.  We now have about 6" of snow and still snowing for the next 2-3 hours.  

Saturday, January 9, 2016

How Many Years?

You may remember that Mr Creative and I got married on New Year's Eve.  We have a dinner party every year to celebrate.  Our problem this year, was we couldn't agree on how many years we have been married!  
We got married on Dec 31, 1998.  I just did the math:  1998 - 2015 is 17 years.  Mr Creative argues that we were only married a few hours in 1998, so it should be 16 years.  

Homemade black runner
Chargers - Pottery Barn Outlet
Plates - Old Time Pottery
Flatware - Onieda Sheraton

Even Miss Daisy Mae can't settle this one! 

Everyone loves the Christmas Specs.  They are fun and make each light look like a snowflake. 
So, as we said goodbye to 2015, we also said goodbye to our dining room, dishes, candle sticks, etc.  Very soon, everything will be boxed up ready for demo.   Next year, we will celebrate in our completely remodeled downstairs!  I know I am a little late, but Happy New Year to all.  Tablescape Thursday

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Snowy Eve

Even though it was raining, humid and in the 70's I ended up with a white Christmas on my table. 
I knew for months I wanted to use the lighted paper trees from IKEA, but wasn't sure about anything else. As usual, everything came together at the last minute.

Mr Creative cut all the evergreen he could find from our yard and I pulled everything green and white I had and my sisters and I start putting it together.  At first I didn't want to use the deer plates, but upon my sister's urging, we tried them and once I saw them on the table, they were perfect! 
Charger from Pier 1, white plates unmarked, salad plates are Pottery Barn and napkin rings from World Market. White striped tumblers from Old Time Pottery.

     The lights under the greenery, twinkled all night. 

Another wonderful Christmas in the books.  Hope your's was merry and bright! Joining Tablescape Thursday

Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Falling Leaves

As I wrote the title for this post the melody of that song, that my Mother loved,  started running through my head.  
This year our Thanksgiving was very small.  We expected 6, but ended up with only 5.  I was happy to have a smaller group.  

I first saw this cloche at the Queen of Hearts in Buford, GA in early Oct, but I resisted buying it.  A return girl's shopping trip in Nov resulted in a purchase!  I really love the size.  

Oak leaves gathered from our tree and some hedge apples for simple centerpiece.
Pheasants from a consignment store in Basalt, Co. 

I loved these light when I found them, but didn't realize until I got them home that they have 8 different ways to display the lights.  Some are mind numbing, but most of them create a lovely focal point for the table.  I am now hot and heavy into Christmas, but wanted to post my fall table before it was too late.