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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Stroll Through Our Gardens

Since its still a few months till the trees begin to flower, I thought we all might enjoy a look at some February gardens to get us in the gardening mood.

Every year when the holidays are over, the next big thing on our calendar is the Antique and Garden Show.  My husband (Mr McGyver) has had a garden for the last few years and each year it's an exciting journey.   As we gear up for the 2011 show, I am going share some pictures of past gardens for the next few posts.

Our first show was in 2003.  The theme was Garden Sheds. The shed was built by a friend who owns a tree service from an old yellow wood tree that had to be cut down.  

Slices of the trunk were used to create the building's sides.  

Old windows were added for light. 

Views from the inside

In addition to helping build the shed, Mr McGyver contribution included the plants outside and the small herb garden.

This was the beginning of a long and exciting relationship with the Nashville Antique and Garden Show.  Stay tuned for more glimpses into our gardens.

I will be joining http://thetablescaper.blogspot.com/


  1. What a beautiful shed!!! Who wouldn't love to have that in their back yard. It is stunning and so unique. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  2. So this shed was built for the show?
    Is it in your yard now?
    I think I am going to enjoy visits here.

  3. Oh Goody...
    Have heard about these shows for years from Thom and Suzanne. Now I get to enjoy the beauty via your blog. :)

  4. To dogsmom,
    The shed was build for the show. It's not in my yard, but it is in someone's yard. It was sold after the show.

  5. Garden shows are fun! The Philly one will be early March, it always creates quite the buzz:@)

  6. Oh wow, your shed is amazing. I love the tree pieces in the sides. What surrounds the slices. I can hardly wait to see the summer pictures. It's really quite lovely!

  7. What a magical place. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Marlis,

    There are flat fieldstone pieces held in place with concrete. Hard to believe this was build in 2 1/2 days isn't it? It was sold before the show was over.

  9. I swear I could live in one of these things. I remember, years ago, when Christopher Lowell (of Interior Motives, an old HGTV show) actually turned a garden shed into a wonderful private getaway. It was incredible!

  10. I love this, Diane! I want a graden shed SO much. It's adorable!


    Sheila :-)

  11. Come visit... your just won my giveaway ;-)!!