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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's Fall Y'All!

The leaves are finally beginning to turn in Tennesse.   After 10 days in beautiful Colorado and Utah with all the fall glory, I am ready for some hometown color!
The mornings are crisp and the sticky humidity is finally gone and I LOVE it!  
I went to the Nashville Farmer's Market over the weekend and it was aglow with gorgeous Mums and Pumpkins in every color, shape and form.  It was screaming fall.

 These are called Peanut Pumpkins!  

 I love these pink and pale green babies!  

I wanted to bring some of that fall home to my table.  I had a vision in my head and told my hunting husband to bring home some grapevine.  He asked "how much" and told him, "I need tons of grapevine".  He just groaned, but Friday, the back of his truck was overflowing with vines!  He is so accommodating.    It wasn't really grapevine, it was some kind of vine that grows in the woods, but that was fine with me because it was actually perfect since it was smaller and way more flexible that the larger grapevine.
I started with a Home Goods runner I found on clearance.  I used the runner's colors as my inspiration for the table.  

The wealth of choices at the Farmer's Market allowed me to find exactly the colors to compliment the runner.
The quilted place mats convey the cozy warmth needed for the chill in the air and the woven chargers echo the grapevine.  The Acacia wood chargers I found at ivgstores website would also be a great match.
I kept the same candle holders and globes from the previous table you can see HERE.  The colors and feel fit very well with the natural elements.
The American Atelier Bianca Bead Crema dishes with the touch of brown on the edge fit perfectly  with the overall color scheme, as do the chocolate water glasses from Home Goods.  

I love how the sunlight set the candle globe afire.  

 Sorry for the picture heavy post, but my husband bought me a wonderful new camera for my birthday and I couldn't help myself!  
Happy Fall to Y'all!
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  1. This table is gorgeous. I love the colors of the pumpkins and the grapevines are a great way to tie them all together. Beautiful colors.

  2. Dianne.. so happy for you and your new camera!!! The photos were wonderful. I love the vines and the pumpkins. this is the most beautifully serene fall table ever. Really love the colors of the napkins, they certainly match the pumpkins. I just love love it all!!! xo marlis

  3. Hi Dianne, I was thinking as I was scrolling that your pictures were beautiful, before I knew you had a new camera. Tell us about it! Love those interesting pumpkins and your quiet blue and brown table is so pretty. Linda

  4. Linda, I'm such a photography novice. The camera is a Nikon Cool Pix p510 and it compensates when I push the button down and move the entire camera! It also does great in low light and has the longest zoom on the market. I have now officially exceed what I know about my new camera. Dianne

  5. Wow what a treat for the eyes! Love the pictures of all the great pumpkins you saw! Your idea turned out wonderful on the table! I have grapevine growing by the edge of the woods at my house but I never think to use it! Great application with the pumpkins! This look could certainly continue on into Thanksgiving easily!

  6. Where do I start? You obviously have learned to use your new camera! I am in love with your long harvest table -- Martha Stewart would be proud.

    What is incredible, though, is the nuanced color scheme you have pulled off to perfection. I think this is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Glad to know what those Peanut Pumpkins are called. They fascinate me. Oh how I would have gone crazy with the pink and white pumpkins. I was only able to get two white ones here. Love the vines wrapped around the pumpkins..... rich with warmth.. Lovely table. I am so excited that I will get to eat at your table next month!

  8. Forgot this... What kind of camera did you get?

  9. Never mind...just read your comment to another reader!

  10. Love all of the pictures! The table is gorgeous. Love all of the soft natural shades. Very inviting. Love that flatware, too. Everything is so nice. Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh my goodness, I love the long table and how you are able to decorate the entire length. And the pumpkins...I'm swooning!

  12. I really loved seeing your table! It's got me in a fall mood for sure, and I'm smiling that your sweet husband filled his truck with vines. What they do for love! I made mine get out once in a suit and pick beauty berries for a party I was doing. LOL I had on high heels, too. That was years ago, and he still reminds me about it each fall.



  13. Gorgeous photography!
    Love those rich, warm colours. Beautifully placed and very elegant autumn table.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  14. So glad you're back safe & sound! It's nice to travel, but like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home!" Wow...your farmers market was just overflowing!!!! I have never seen peanut pumpkins, but they are now my newest love!!! I don't think those are for eating, are they? I'd be afraid that gnarly look would go straight to my face! :-) They're cool for decorating, though! You picked some real beauties for your table, and they are just perfect!!! This is a really elegant table, Dianne! I love the long, well- connected centerpiece and all the complementary color variations. The place settings are beautiful! You got a little R&R and came back at your fightin' weight! Way to go, girl!!! :-) Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend in the great state of Tennessee!!!!! (It's always a challenge to see if auto correct will say that I spelled the state name correctly or not!) :-) :-) :-)

  15. Gorgeous table and gorgeous photos!! This is such a beautiful setting and I am glad you were able to capture it with your new camera! Love the natural elements and color pallet.

  16. Oh my goodness, this is one of my favorite fall tables...perfectly depicts fall in my eyes. I love how you have used so many pumpkins down the center of the table. A whole truckload of vines?...he is a keeper!

  17. This is a gorgeous table. Love your pumpkins, so many and such unusual colors. Perfect for your table.

  18. Hi Dianne, your table and pictures are just georgeous. Love the colors, plates and those napkins rings are just heavenly.

  19. What a wonderful Fall table! SO many beautiful elements!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  20. Just love those celadon pumpkins..,
    a new one on me...We are so blessed
    having Nashville Farmers Market at
    our door.....You have blended the
    colors of the tablescape to perfection...Brava!

  21. Farmers Markets are one of the best things about fall. Yours must be wonderful! You got fabulous colors! And oh does your husband get it! Very cool. It all makes for a gorgeous fall table with your beautiful things. Thanks so much for the great comment!

  22. LOVE the pumpkins.. a peanut pumpkin... NEVER heard of it.. I'm going to pin it! And I have all different things to grow next year, I'm adding green pumpkins to the list too.. GREAT post !!! (ps, I love your dinning room set, the table is beautiful)

  23. The combination of those magnificent pumpkins with your perfect tabletop elements have combined for one of the best Autumn tablescapes that I've ever seen. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  24. Me again...congratulations on the new camera. Sweet Mister gave me one for my birthday last year, and a good camera makes such a huge difference! What kind of camera do you have? Thanks. Cherry Kay