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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Weekend Fun

This past weekend two girlfriends and me spent 4 days cruising antique vendors in Atlanta. 

We shopped, ate, drank a little, slept late and did it all over again until we had to come home. Perfection!

OK, so IKEA isn't antiques, but think of it as my friend says, "antiquing in advance".  

 Saturday we started at Scott's Antique Market.  We spent some time in the "expensive" building, until we realized that where we really wanted to be was with the outside vendors.

 When my battery went kaput in the parking lot of Talbot's Outlet, a dear sweet angle gave us a jump and we drove over to the mall for a new battery and were lucky enough to come upon the UGLIEST furniture in the history of the Universe. 

 We were told, "no pictures please".  We couldn't believe they wouldn't want this stuff to be seen by the public!  
Balloons taking off in the parking lot of the Queen of Hearts. 

Plans to do it all over again the spring!  Love you girls.


  1. Dianne.. love that you shared those illicit pictures with us.. What a laugh! OMG. That furniture is interesting.. Is that what one says when you are being polite. Looks like you had a blast. There were some glasses on those tables I could have used!! xo marlis

  2. Wish we were going back this weekend! Oh what fun it was! Seeing that Martini makes me long for the time I can have another! It was just a great trip with lots of wonderful memories to share.

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! I haven't been to Scott's in a long time but the outside vendors are my fav's also!

  4. looks like a great time! love the peace driftwood!