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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cherry Blossom Time

When we moved into our home 8 years ago, my husband planted some baby cherry trees down our less than attractive driveway.  They didn't look like much the first few years, but now they are coming into their own.  

A few days before the buds exploded into pink, my husband asked, "When are you going to do a cherry blossom table?".  
I really didn't think I had anything that worked, but one night after bootcamp, the sun was streaming into the dining room and I got inspired.  I ran around and collected several things that I didn't know what I do with when I purchased, but turned out to be perfect for this table.  My sweetie cut the branches and  Pussy Willow for the vase. 
Handmade glass candlesticks were a gift from my MIL.  
A perfume bottle from my Mother. 
Birds from Michaels
Sweet butter pats are Haviland.
Pink vase from the Classy Flea. 
Silver rimmed, pink glassware found in at Goodwill in Destin, FL for $0.98 each! 

Placemats & napkins from my MIL, purchased in Austria. 
I fell for the white runner as soon as I spotted it at Home Goods.  
WG Guering & Co Limoges salad plates bought at the Round Top TX antique show. 

Green plates - Home Essentials
White plates - Johnson Brothers White Regency
Flatware - Oneida Sheraton
Vintage glass coasters
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  1. I am always interested in Cherry Blossom themes. I live in a city that turns pink every March and that is when I do my table. Your trees are lovely and your husband should be congratulated for suggesting this beautiful tablescape. You plate stack is so pretty and I have always adored butter pats - they are not easy to find in numbers. Most I see are always "singles". Those linens are pretty grand, too. Wow! Love this post!!

  2. You have no idea how I love your trees! Just gorgeous. The table is pretty, too. My husband surprises me, too, every now and then with an idea for something -- it always catches me off-guard, how about you?

  3. Diane, how lovely! I enjoyed seeing these cherry blossom trees and how you set that table to perfection wirht the blossoms. Such pretty china, too. Great job.



  4. Your husband knows you WELL!!!!!! That was cute of him to inquire as to WHEN, not IF, you were going to do a cherry blossom table!!! Gotta love that!!!

    It's hard to believe you whipped this up so quickly, but I know your talent & skill is what let you do it! There's a beautiful, quiet calm about this table. Perhaps it's the presence of gifts from your Mom and mother-in-law along with the lacy runner. Maybe it's all the promise of Spring represented by the birds, flowers in the dishes and, of course, the gorgeous branches. It's just serene and pretty. You KNOW I wanna smack you for those 98 cent goblets!!!!! :-)

    Your trees are beautiful!!! Just 8 years from a tiny baby tree to this, huh? Wow! Enjoy!!!

  5. Gorgeous! Your table is so elegant...the cherry blossoms and pussy willow make such a beautiful centerpiece, Dianne. I think I have the same green plates...almost used them this week, but thought it would be green overkill!
    Have a great weekend...

  6. This is gorgeous! I love pink and this table is just so lovely in it's use of the cherry blossoms and the white!


  7. Beautiful. Some of the best tables come together when you are inspired like that. Love the trees too!

  8. You got a thoughtful and sweet hubby!!! The cherry blossoms are gorgeous and your table setting is stunning! I too adore the runner, the stems are such a lovely bargain, wow! Your layers of dishes, napkins, and the pussy willow centerpice are soo pretty! Hugs,

  9. Outstanding!! Love seeing your pretty blossoms, both inside & out. The china is exquisite & everything about this table speaks of Spring time.


  10. Dianne, sorry I'm so late arriving. It's been another one of those weeks. This table is perfection. Love seeing your pretty Limoges plates that you found at Round Top. They are an exquisite finish on the lovely stack of plates. You know how I like the textures of each of the rims. A+++

  11. Oh so pretty and delicate, just like the cherry trees. Love that runner!