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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Garden Tables

This past weekend at the Philadelphia Flower Show, I was expecting gardens and there was certainly gardens, but I wasn't expecting tablescapes!  I have to say they weren't near as wonderful as most of the tables posted by all you talented ladies, but still.... at a garden show?

First I came across this both hosted by the Philadelphia Horticulture Society with all these beautiful, but plastic plates.  I so wanted these dogwood salad plates, but by the time I decided to purchase they were all but gone.  Drats!

Here are a few of the tables.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get close enough to see the details.

See if you can figure out what the next three photos are.

 Tables, yes, dishes, yes, but these are miniature gardens.  Each garden was about 20" wide behind glass.  The rules stated they had to use at least 10 different plants in each miniature.  We waited in line about an hour to see these and they were worth the wait.
I will post more of the miniatures in another post.  I am joining Susan at Tablescape Thursday and Feathered Nest Fridays


  1. What fun. I've seen plastic plates that are really neat and have been tempted -- but so far have resisted -- I'm not a fan of plastic anything!

    Love the miniatures -- you'd never guess just looking at the photo!

  2. This is beautiful! I will be back to see more! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. I am so very excited to see the miniatures. How lovely they are. You had me fooled at first.. I love the melamine plates! Sorry you didn't get any.. if we knew the manufacturer we could find them I'm positive.. thanks for dropping in with you kind comments..

  4. I live an hour from Philly (I was born and raised there too), but stopped going to the Flower Show several years ago cause at 5 foot NOTHING, I could never see much for all the people! It was always 5 or 6 deep in the lines. One year we went at dinnertime and that was GREAT! Maybe next year. Being a floral designer I do LOVE flowers:):) Thanks so much for sharing some of thios years Flower Show!!!! XO, Pinky

  5. I loved the miniatures and I could not believe the other plates were plastic. Great post.

  6. What a fun exhibit. Love the idea of the miniatures. Thanks for sharing this event. ~ Sarah

  7. Hi Diane...

    It looks like you had a great time, my friend! Ohhh my gosh...the miniature garden that you took a photo of...is FABULOUS!!! Ohhh yes...they would have definitely been worth the wait to see! I also loved all the pretty dishes...the plates with the geraniums were my favorite! Thank you for sharing this great experience with us...this was such a treat, my friend!

    Happy spring wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  8. Sounds like a fun time, even the standing in lines! The miniature garden settings are adorable.

  9. Hi Dianne - There really is a talent involved in setting a beautiful table. My husband and I were invited to dinner once and the table setting was so pretty we both felt funny about sitting down to eat!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following! I'm looking forward to getting to know you. :)

  10. Dianne the plates at the top are amazing.....are they all plastic? I must admit I don't care..they are to die for. Imagine turning up at a picnic with all of these!

    Jo x