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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The City Girl in the Backyard

I love a beautiful garden, but I don't like to be outside very much. I grew up in downtown Pittsburgh, PA and didn't really have a yard.  Needless to say, I am not an outdoor kinda gal.  Every time I go out something bad happens.  Mosquitos bites and poison ivy turn into large red welts that lasts for weeks requiring steroids.   I got stuck by a rose thorn which lead to a bad infection in my knuckles.   Another time, a stray cat hiding in the yard, bit my hand and I ended up in the hospital with IV antibiotics. Don't even get me started on the chiggers!  I am a  chigger magnet and if all that isn't enough, I have naturally curly hair!  My hair in the TN summer humidity is not a pretty sight!  I tell everyone my hair doesn't grow, it just gets bigger. But I digress... 
My husband, the landscaper, used edible plants all around our house.  While he is on his annual man fishing trip, living in the wilderness for ten days, he asked me if I would please check on the crops, so I was forced to go out in the yard.  I sprayed up, wore long clothes, avoided the roses and took a shower and washed my clothes the second I got back in the house.  It was worth it though.  Look what I found.
 Just a matter time on the Concord Grapes
I have a feeling I will be making a lot of applesauce. This is just one of four trees.
 The fig trees are coming along nicely.
The peach trees were planted about a month ago and they are already fruiting.  Spotted, hard and tiny, but next year hopefully they will bigger and better.
 Blueberries coming on
About the time the strawberries are finished, the basil will take over the bed.  Then we will have a pesto party.
Then I found these....

Going in for a drink!
 PeeGee Hydrangea. This will be a weeping ball of white blooms by the end of summer.

 Creeping Jenny doing it's thing.... creeping all over everything!

 Anybody need any bay leaves?
 A double lily. 

 Aren't they spectacular?  I have decided that I might have go outside more often, but don't tell my husband.   You can tell everyone about Tablescape Sunday


  1. Your garden is so beautiful. I loved that you shared it with us. I love seeing all the pretty flowers and fruit! Many blessings, marlis

  2. How lucky you are to have a husband who gardens...my husband avoids it at all costs! Everything is lovely...I'm so impressed that you have fresh peaches!

  3. You have a beautiful beautiful garden and I'm so glad you braved it outside to take these gorgeous pictures to share with us. I've never seen a bay leaf tree before and those gorgeous lilies I'm in love with..Visiting from The Seasonal Sunday party. Happy 4th to you!~Poppy


  4. If I had a beautiful yard full of pretty flowers and fruit, I would brave it! Good work! I hope you go out again and share more photos! Linda

  5. Your yard is beautiful and how great to have the fruit trees! Enjoy:@)

  6. What a wonderful garden! I love the mix of food and flowers. Lucky you! Thanks for giving us a tour. Stay cool!

  7. You know, with all that is growing in your yard, you need to go outside more! What a garden has been created for you, and once you discover all its treasures, you're going to love being out in it. Enjoy!

  8. Such a beautiful garden and lucky for you that you only have to tend to it occasionally! Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. I remember Shadyside, and then McKeesport. I went to college in Ohio, 45 min from Pittsburgh. I had many friends from that area!