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Monday, August 27, 2012

Same Flowers, New Look

I was all ready to start a new table this weekend.  I wasn't tired of the old one (which you can see HERE), but I thought I needed to post something before everyone forgot about me.  So I took up all the dishes, flatware, placemats, etc.  The hydrangeas we brought in three weeks ago when I created this table were still so beautiful and vibrant in their bright green garb, that I just didn't want to part with them just yet.  So I planned a new table using similar colors, but the same center decorations. 
I changed out the red quilted placemats for the green woven bamboo.  
I added the brown Cambridge flatware, the Mikasa Antique White dishes, accented with Mikasa Gourmet Basic brown salad plates.  
I swapped the pale green napkins for a more vibrant green that matches the dried hydrangeas. 
 I remembered the white striped glasses from Old Time Pottery and I ran out and purchased them and onto the table they went.

 So same centerpiece, different place settings, for a whole new look.  

The hydrangea are all dried now, crispy to the touch, but still beautiful, vibrant green and they will stay that way for month, if not longer.  
Punkin is not at all impressed with my clever handiwork!  
Hope to see you at the following parties:
Let's Dish
Taplescape Thursday
Seasonal Sunday


  1. Love this look! Great color combination and way to use that centerpiece again yet make a whole new look!

  2. Your table looks wonderful :o)
    Rose H

  3. Beautiful table, Dianne! This is an excellent example of how the same centerpiece can take on a whole new personality with different accessories! I think fabulous centerpieces should get a curtain call or two when possible!!! Flowers are NOT cheap, and the creativity is in what you use to create a whole look. Well done, my dear! And who would ever forget about you??????? :-)

  4. Ahhh, this is my favorite color! Love this setting and the striped glasses are to die for!

  5. Punkin is just gorgeous.. what a stunning kitty. He's about as interested as ours is now.. unless he's in a "mood" and has decided that I have spent too much time away doing something silly like setting a table! I love the colors.. So perfect to transition into fall. Whenever my hydrangeas dry, they shrivel up, so I'm failing at preserving them. Love your placemats and the glasses that are so perfect on this table.. great, great table.. xo marlis

  6. I like the idea of just changing a few of the items on the table for a new look. Sometimes it's tough to which way to go with a table, this way both can be used. Particularly as your hydrangeas are so stunning.

  7. Gorgeous table Dianne...the hydrangeas are stunning, just the right shade of green to go with the napkins! Great glasses, too.

  8. Both tables look great!! I think I like this one just slightly better, only because i really like the more natural look of the bamboo and shades of green and brown. Very pretty.

  9. Dianne, Thanks for the visit, my blog tomorrow (or Saturday, depending how work goes tomorrow) is a step by step for making napkins. Drop by and see how you can get yours square. Hugs, Dawna

  10. Green is a favorite color! Your tablescape is lovely.

    That Punkin is adorable!

  11. That is just beautiful! Love the green and white, and those striped glasses go so well with this!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

  12. Superb! The Old Time Pottery striped tumblers turned out to be such a significant design element. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  13. I love the white striped glasses, Dianne...
    One of the things I so enjoy about the beach place is the beautiful Hydrangeas!
    The table looks lovely.