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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Snow Bound?

It has been warm in TN lately.  So warm, that my daffodils are coming up, warm enough for short sleeves, and being outdoors.  It makes me wonder if we will ever have a real winter again.  I want winter! I want cold temps, snow, and ice.  Well icicles on the trees, just not on my car or the road to work, please and thank you!
In spite of the warm temps, I decided to try to create winter on my table.  
I started with the runners, cut from white felt.  I don't recommend trying to cut felt with scalloped sissors designed for paper.  I ended up with very crooked edges and blisters on my fingers! 

Red chargers to tie in the red on the plates, glasses and flatware. 
Checkered napkins, tied with red Wraphia, and bearded elves to add to the whimsicle feel of the table.

Polar bears from Home Good and Penguins from IKEA to try to bring Artic winter to my 75 degree dining room!
Polar Bears - Home Goods 
Penguins - Z Gallerie
Glassware - Old Time Pottery
Dishes - Teinshan Cabin in the Snow - OTP
Flatware - Cambrige
Napkin Elves - IKEA
Pine Cone Candle Sticks - Home Goods - clearance
Globes - Ross
Laterns - Home Goods - clearance
Icicle Lights - Smith & Hawken - Target

Come see all the pretties at the following parties:


  1. Daffodils coming up? Amazing! We haven't had any snow, but it has finally turned cold here in the high desert of Utah. I love those white polar bears in the middle with the icicles and lights. It is so nice to have a table so close to your tree also. Love the polka dotted glasses too. Such a fun table. I hope you get some toes for your Tenessee Christmas; I love that song by Alabama :). Joni

  2. I thought it had been chillier here this December, but it warmed up today. I'm getting ready to go water plants.

    Your table is sooooo cute, and that tree! Wow! You are an inspiration for sure!



  3. I live in Georgia and yes it's way too warm for December! So I love your tablescape. The Polar Bears and Penguins are adorable! Everything about this table makes me happy! Thanks for sharing with us, and I'm wishing for a white Christmas for you and me!!

    hugs, Linda

  4. So if you hear something go boom in the night, don't panic. It's just me breaking in to get those runners!!! I LOVE the crooked edges!!! That's what makes them cool! Often for me it's the little imperfections that make something great. It's like you wouldn't want a husband who is TOO perfect...he would make you feel inferior. So you get a guy who is just on the cusp of perfection but still has a thread to you can tug! ;-) Oh, while I'm in there stealing, I'll be taking those polar bears, too. I'd better bring a knapsack and some bubble wrap. World's most prepared burglar! :-) Your daffodils have gone daffy!!! Don't worry...the cold is on its way. It was toasty here last week, but then the temps plummeted. We have awakened to very, very chilly mornings the past couple of days with wind chills in the negatives. I don't go out much in this kind of weather, so you're safe from my caper for a while. :-) And any snow that comes this way, I will blow really, really hard and send it to you because I don't want it!!!!!!!

  5. The runners were worth the blisters, I'm just saying.. love the edges on them. With our warm temps, I set the table outside this week! I love those dishes, it's really very good there is not an OTP anywhere near me. The glasses got me.. love them!!! Your centerpiece is just fabulous again.. I want to just rub shoulders and steal away just an iota of your creativity.. gorgeous.. all of it.. xo marlis

  6. You have certainly created a winter table, even if you might have to use it with AC!

    Great concept, beautifully executed!

  7. Dianne, beautiful table that could really make you feel it is chilly outside with all the icy crystals, penguins and polar bears! The candle holders are fabulous.

  8. Warm for December here in NE Ohio too!! I don't think we're going to have a white Christmas here!! Well, your table is wintery anyway. Pretty.

  9. So understand--my garland has gone further South as its been in the 70's here in South Carolina (Greenville). I adore your table, the bears, the penguins, the polka dots! Oh my..I wish our Homegoods had those cuties. Maybe I will brave the crowd and run over there this weekend. Thank you for sharing and new follower!

  10. I love the tablescape, the light that pours in to that room is amazing!

  11. Such a pretty winter table! Love those bears and your cheery plates. We finally got some cold weather a week ago. So weird this year, but everyone here seemed happy for the warm weather and got spoiled. Now it's cold. Brrr.

  12. I love eveything about your tablescape. Of course I love the winter theme. Gorgeous pattern on the plates. We've had those same warm temperatures here and it's rained all day. Sure hope to see frosty before Christmas!
    Have a great week.

    The French Hutch