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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter White or Brown?

I know spring is coming, but it hasn't arrived here yet.  A few brave daffodils opened up only to be rewarded with a coating of snow.  I have spring ideas running around in my head, but  since it's still mostly brown in my neck of the woods, I decided to go with the inspiration from some clearance placemats from Home Goods.  

I pulled together some brown and white pieces:  Brown plates from Mikasa and the white are Johnson Brothers White Regency.  

I was waiting for Wed to post, but the more I looked at this table, the more it screamed autumn to me so I made some quick changes.  
I replaced the brown glasses and napkins with white. Of course then the sun disappeared for over a week.  

Looking around for something for a center piece, I spotted some remaining brown hydrangea blooms in the garden.  I gave them a quick spray of white and placed them in a white ironstone bowl.
The lacy metal votive holders are from IKEA.  White birds are from Ross.
My husband yielded to my complaints that the evergreens in front these windows were blocking the view and moved them to another spot in the yard.  Now he has to listen to my complaints about too much light coming into the room!  We are currently debating the replacement. 

So which color accent do you like best, white or brown? 
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  1. I really liked both, but the white accents are perfect for this time of year. Love those white birds! They're great. xo

  2. I'm a fan of both! Our wedding china is white with a brown rim followed by a gold rim, so I frequently use both choices. '-)
    Your table is lovely as always. Remember, I'm a fan of that beautiful long dining room table, and I love all that light. ~ Sarah

  3. I agree, both are gorgeous! I love brown and white together! You did two interesting and beautiful place settings! hugs, Linda

  4. I vote for the white. What you did with the hydrangeas was inspired -- looks like snow. I too love your long table with the row of chairs, and I think I tell you this every time I see your gorgeous dining room.

  5. OK....with the brown it could go for anytime of year as far as I'm concerned. Brown is a neutral from where I sit, so it works for Spring or Fall. Using the white glassware, though, clears up any ambiguity there might be. Beautiful both ways. I like those placemats so much I want to cry!!!!! I love what you did with the centerpiece, too. Those centered birds are MASSIVE!!!!!!!! I've not seen them in that size! They go great with the smaller ones on the ends!

    What is it with men moving yard stuff??!?!?! I don't get that! Unless I specifically complain about it, DON'T MOVE IT!!! :-)

    I've been fighting the cloudiness here, too. Of course today...the one day the sun decides to make an appearance...is when the plumber is here tearing up my dining room to get to the shower to fix it! :-(

  6. If I have to choose, I choose the white, but I was shocked when I read that the brown was screaming fall--I hadn't thought that at all! The only thing I was thinking is "how interesting to do a brown (with white) table!" Actually, now that I think aobut it, your table is similar to my blue and white china cabinet--I wanted blue and white, period. No other accent color for now, because it's still winter here. Too much color would definitely strip my gears!! LOL Thanks for visiting me. You mentioned going back to look at the dishes again--the dinner plates I use with these dessert plates are Spode blue and white (Delamere), which is a floral pattern.

    Great tables (plural), Dianne!

    PS - the light streaming in is beautiful!

  7. Didn't think of fall with the brown, which in my book probably edges out the white by a hair.. Either is gorgeous though.. You do have the most interesting centerpieces. Love love the big birds. And all the light that streams in! another fabulous table Diane!! xo marlis

  8. I klike both white and brown, both neutral colors and they neutralize each other, cold against warm. Beautiful table! And I love your dining room with all the pretty furniture....Christine

  9. I absolutely LOVE this theme! The rustic elegant feel of the brown, beige and white are just wonderful! I especially love the placemats and those beautiful candleabras! I really want to do a brown and white tablescape soon! It just looks lovely! Thank you for sharing this beautiful, inspirational table! =D

  10. Well, brown is my favorite color, but I love how fresh it looks with your white plates and accessories! I think that I prefer the brown glasses, but I could be prejudiced. I thought your centerpiece was amazing and how creative of you to spay the flowers!
    Gorgeous table, all around!

  11. This is a gorgeous tablescape. My eyes kept coming back to the pair of white candelabras. I wondered if you painted them, as well as the hydrangeas. I've never thought of painting hydrangeas...just a dusting, I'm thinking. It's such a great design idea. I studied your pictures to see if I could think of a way to capture the tone and feeling of your table for one of my designs. So well done! I really like it. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  12. I think both versions are gorgeous, but you're right about the white accented one looking more "Spring-y". I enjoyed spotting the lacy, doily-type containers that I also picked up at Ikea. I need to press mine into service again!

  13. Your dining room is certainly pretty. I have never liked this house much, as it was supposed to be temporary, so I really didn't care. Now I have to make it work. You would probably have to move out to do all that you talk about at once. I know I would!

  14. Your table looks very end of a long winter, where everything is brown, just before it greens up...actually I love the brown and white. I have some of the Regency dishes, they are so versatile.

  15. Dianne, I'm back for another look at your pretty table. I love the brown and white combo.

  16. Hi lovely lady.
    Both are gorgeous! I love brown and white together! I love the way you put both Tablescapes together. You did two interesting and beautiful place settings! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescape, hope you have a wonderful weekend with your family. Im your newest follower on your blog now.
    XXOO Diane

  17. I lean towards the brown table as my favorite. both are beautiful tables, you did a wonderful job of brightening it up with all your white accents. Your dining room looks like a wonderful place to celebrate with fabulous dinners!

  18. I love both of these tables!! We are coming to the end of summer so I am leaning more toward the brown table but then again the white is just lovely too!1
    Great table,

  19. The brown! I love your candles. Actually I love every bit of this table. It's just gorgeous.


  20. They are both beautiful! I used sprayed hydrangea a lot, they are great.
    Both tables are very calming. Not Spring yet here either, still snow on the ground!
    Thanks for linking to Let's Dish! Don't forget to show your green Wed! :)

  21. This is gorgeous. Love the bright white and the deep rich brown. Just beautiful.

    Great to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. White, White, White, and of course I love those glasses with the white rings around them. Fall or Spring, your table is always beautiful.