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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beware the Barbed Wire!

While I have some family in town, the rest of my family is slightly spread out.  I have a sister in DC and another in Chattanooga.  We try to get together at least three or four times a year.  When we do, it's an occasion for what we all call "family dinner".  
I have all of my family and we usually have my sweet husband's family too.  One of the traditions of family get together in warm weather is Smoked Pork Shoulder with Alabama White Sauce.  The challenge for me, is to come up with something fresh for a table, but keep the BBQ theme going.
This year, I decided to go with a country table top with checks and chickens.  
I started with a red checkered placemat, topped with a faux wood charger, and then added my Mikasa Antique White china, separated with a bandana style napkin.  Cambidge flatware and the red polka dot glasses from Old Time Pottery to finish.  

I added several chicken from my collection, placed in a fluffy grapevine nests.  The runner is a piece of handwoven blanket cloth from Round Top, Texas. I found the star garland at A Classy Flea in Atlanta and the star coaster (AKA votive holders) are from IKEA.   The table has the right look, BUT.... each time I do a BBQ table, I have wanted to add barbed wire, but not just any wire, I wanted rusted barbed wire!  My husband kept telling me it was dangerous, but I thought I could handle it. Mr Creative wasn't sure he could find what I wanted. 
Ever indulgent, a few days later, he came home with one short roll of rusted barbed wire and a bigger, bright new shiny roll, just in case. He is a keeper for sure! The table was all complete except for placing the wire.  
I carefully started to unwind the roll, only to have it snap open like it was jet powered and begin flying around the table top.  Glasses and candle holders toppled, plates slid off the chargers and chicken ran for their lives!  Who knew barbed wire could be so dangerous. 
After about 20 minutes, I finally tamed the wire by tucking the ends into the iron candlesticks on each end.  I was terrified that someone was going to touch it and it would fly out of control all over the table again.  After I had it placed, there was rust dust everywhere, so I had to use the dust buster on my runner and rewash most of the dishes.  

Cute chalkboard place cards from Pick Your Plum. 
Daisy's on a chippy old radio case from Mr Creative's MaMa's house. 

Our new addition outdoors. There is one on each side of the door to greet our guests. 
In addition to family dinner, we were also able to celebrate my youngest sister's birthday.  A great meal, followed by great dessert with no injuries, or tetanus shots is my idea of a great family dinner!  
I am joining Kathleen's whimsical summer table party, and Tablescape Thursday.  


  1. Family dinners are memory makers. Your red and white theme is perfect for your menu. Thanks for sharing your fun table.

  2. I'm laughing so hard I've got a stitch in my side!!! "Who knew barbed wire could be so dangerous?" Uh....your HUSBAND did, and he TOLD you so!!! :-) :-) :-) Oh, my gosh! I am just totally in stitches! That is so funny! I'm just glad you weren't injured in the runaway barbed wire fiasco! But I guess it ain't a party 'til somebody gets hurt! OK, that's enough of me ribbing you. On to the nice stuff....

    I audibly gasped when I saw the theme you came up with. Tee-total genius and too cute for words! I love, love, love the way you so easily mixed and matched the patterns. They work so well together! The chickens are wonderful, and even though the barbed wire was a menace to work with, it looks so great there with your candlesticks! They really bring that rusticity to the table that both men and women can appreciate. Homerun there!

    I really like that pitcher on the chippy furniture. Very cool!

    Oh, mercy...I need to get some water to splash on my face. All that laughing really dehydrated me!!! In the end, though, you ended up with a real winner of a tablescape. Have a great day!

  3. Very cute table, and love those whimsical chickens especially..........and have to say you were brave to use barb wire
    but it did look really neat...........nice get together with your family.
    Thanks for sharing your creativity,
    Blessings, Nellie

  4. Love the red and white- so summery and the chickens in their little nested spots are so cute. That's wonderful that you get together with the family like that. We are spread out all over now. My son's off in Oregon, the rest of our family live 250 south of us so it's always a big plan to see anyone. I'm snickering at the story about the barbed wire. I was struggling with the birdhouse I hung over my table and trying to lean over to add some ivy (which kept falling and moving) -finally I got smart and move the table so I could do it right (too bad I was'nt smart enough to do it before I set the table). Well anyway the barbed wire added great flair to the design- good idea (even if you may need a tetanus shot when your done!)

  5. Love the great chickens in your centerpiece! Each place setting is so pretty with the red checked place mats. The barbed wire is a wonderful rustic accent. Have a terrific week!


  6. How wonderfully creative. Yes I ask my husband about things at the hardware store too and he generally complies with my whims.

  7. What a great country table, Dianne...love your description of checks and chickens!
    There is nothing better than family dinners...the older you get the more you cherish them. I go visit my siblings in New England every summer and end up doing all the cooking.
    If I had asked my hubby to find me some rusted barbed wire for a tablescape he probably would fall over laughing and want to know what kind of hairbrained idea I had in my head!
    Have a wonderful week.

  8. I'm glad no one got hurt while making your table because it came out so cute!! I had to chuckle because your barbed wire incident sounds just like something I would do. Love, love, love all your chickens as your centerpiece!

  9. This was funny. I can see that barbed wire flying. Glad no one got hurt. You asking your husband for the barbed wire is like the proverbial quote from Ralphie's mom in the Christmas Story when he told her he wanted a Red Ryder rifle, "no, you'll shoot your eye out", lol. Visiting from Kathleen's, thanks for sharing.
    Rita C at Panoply

  10. Dianne, I'm sure you weren't laughing while the barbed wire was springing around your table, but I can tell you that I am laughing right now!! I can just see the rust dust flying around and it really sounds like something that would happen in my house. I just hope hubby wasn't there to roll his eyes or shake his head and say I warned you. Well, all your trouble was well worth it -- I just love the final look. I wonder how my hubby would react if I ask him to find me some barbed wire? Hmmm... I may just try it. I was hoping you all were up to date on the tetanus shots. :) Linda

  11. There is something about red gingham!

    - Alma, The Tablescaaper

  12. Wow! Real live people and real food at this tablescape! Not the imaginary people (like Debbie's) This table is absolutely adorable! The chickens are soooo cute, and the gingham and bandana is perfect. I LOVE the barbed wire touch (or maybe I should say "don't touch!!" LOL!) So unique and inspirational. You nailed the whimsical challenge! Great job! Funny story too!


  13. This is adorable. Red and white checks, love them! Your dining room is lovely too!
    Thanks for taking part in the Summer Whimsy Table Challenge!

  14. Such a super cute table! and I love the chickens. They are too cute!

  15. I love your table!! Your dishes are my everyday pattern, and they look fabulous on your checked place mats. I no longer live in Atlanta, and how I miss Classy Flea! My home has so many fun things from that place! I can't tell you how many strands of rusted barbed wire we found in our pasture. After thinking we had it all picked up and away from danger for the horses, we'd discover another piece. It's pretty hard to tame into a trash can! If I'd only thought of using it in a tablescape, I would have kept some. I adore the look of it now that I see yours! I enjoyed your post, so thank you for sharing at Tablescape Thursday. :-)
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  16. Well, I love your tablescape and I had to laugh about the barbed wire. I think you would win the award for most original tablescape! Thanks for stopping by my blog too and leaving your lovely comment.

  17. Love your table!! The red and white placemats and all the touches of red and white just sing "BBQ"! I laughed out loud about the barbed wire: only another tablescaper would appreciate your willingness to face certain lockjaw to insure your creative vision for a table!! The results are wonderful! Bravo!! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  18. Wonderful table! I especially love the centerpiece chickens on their nests...great table.

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