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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kiss Me!

My husband I were married fifteen years ago.  While we were dating he would begin every phone call by saying "Kiss Me!".   We now have it engraved on the inside of our wedding rings. 
For our wedding china, we chose Lenox Maywood with a platinum rim and I have loved it ever since. Of course, I have loved every dish I have seen since!
My husband had only one request; that the china didn't have a large rim.  He wanted more space for the food and less rim!  I started with only 4 place settings with the hopes that I would complete it over the next 20 years. When I discovered that our local Lenox outlet was going out of business, I was able to get full service for 16 with all the with serving pieces for less then $100!!
About 6 months ago, I came across these placemats at Home goods.  I knew they would be perfect with my china.  
The stemware is Fostoria Ballet crystal which I found on clearance at a local consignment shop.  I love the cuts and the sparkle.

The centerpiece flower dish belong to my husband's Grandmother. My MIL has a matching piece.  The crocheted doilies are collected from antiques stores.  
Handblown glass candlesticks from Home Goods.
Last year I decided I wanted new stainless.  Have you noticed that flatware has become enormous?  All the new stuff is a good 2 inches larger than it used to be.  I finally chose Onieda Sheraton b/c it is a reasonable size and it feels good in your hand.  I also like how the beading around the edges echoes the embroidered dots on the placemats.
The chargers are silver leaf earthenware originally from Pier 1, I found 13 of them for $16 at the Queen of Hearts in Atlanta. 
The napkins are vintage damask with pearl napkin rings. 

Happy to be joining Kathleen for Let's Dish!, Susan for Tablescape Thursdays, and Alma for Seasonal Sunday


  1. This is so pretty! Love your china and the table is gorgeous!


  2. Very pretty china. Lenox is always a good choice! And all of that for $100 -- you got a steal of a deal!

  3. The doilies, the simplicity of your china, the words your hubby introduced all work for me.

  4. I love your table..especially those lace doilies down the center of the table...You have certainly found some bargains while completing your china....
    Love, Mona

  5. Your hubby is so romantic and I think it is wonderful that you engraved your rings with the quote! I love platinum edges on Lenox china. My Minton also has platinum rather than the more popular gold. I know what you mean about the flatware growing in size! Your table is so elegant and I would enjoy sitting here with you. Linda

  6. What a beautiful pattern, and what an equally beautiful table. I thought I knew all the wonderful white ones but I don't think I've ever seen that. I do like that the rim isn't overpowering just like your husband.

    All of your choices are lovely, but I think my favorite thing is the flatware pattern.

    And I love the Kiss Me on the wedding bands!

  7. Just exquisite, as always. You never disappoint! The china is elegant and the crystal is gorgeous!

  8. The table is beautifu! I love your china. The Kiss Me story is wonderful!

  9. Kiss Me! Oh...that's so cute! I'm glad you had it inscribed in your rings. That's a fun memory to always have in your mind, your heart, and now around your finger on a daily basis!

    You got an incredibly deal on that Lenox china!!!!!!! My goodness, girl...that was a steal!!! It certainly paid off to bide your time. And those chargers...I have 4 of them. Wish I could have found more like you did! They're so pretty!

    The design in your crystal pattern really does remind me of the ballet! I can envision the arms deftly stretched to their outermost limits, the legs gracefully kicking and stretching...that pattern is really aptly named!

    I HAVE noticed that flatware seems to have grown a bit. I like it because I have man hands that need larger eating utensils!!! :-)

    Beautiful table, Dianne!

  10. Your china is beautiful and you have such a pretty table to show it off. Love the napkins, placemats, everything...

  11. Lenox makes beautiful china, and I'm glad you were able to finish your collection before it was discontinued! Your table is lovely and elegant, and I especially love that it includes other family pieces.

  12. Your wedding china is elegant. How nice that you were able to add all those pieces for under $100. That's amazing! The details of your table with the silver touches and special family pieces are perfect with these dishes.
    Love the "Kiss Me" aside. ;-)

  13. I love these white dishes, so classic and can be used in so many ways!! To think you completed your set for under $100!! Wow! The crystal glasses are gorgeous, too! Lovely table!

  14. How wonderful that you found enough of your pattern to make sixteen place settings (not to mention for less than a hundred dollars). Your tablescape is lovely, the HG candle holders are perfect with the vintage doilies scattered over the mirrors. Beautiful!

  15. Beautiful china and table...but your tables are always beautiful, Dianne. Love the candlesticks. I drool every time I see your dining room!

  16. An absolutely beautiful table: sophisticated and stunning. I love your plates, crystal, linens and flatware. It all coordinates so well. Bravo! Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  17. I have been enjoying a few wedding china posts. Yours is a beautiful classic and elegant pattern. I love the flatware too! SO lovely together on your table. Thanks for your input on my roses! That post brought out the gardening crowd! So nice that you stopped by.