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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How High?

After tearing down the ceiling throughout the house, we decided to raise the ceiling in the kitchen, family room, and my office. 
That left the dining room.  
This is from the dining room looking into the kitchen area.  The wall between will be removed when the beam arrives.  You can see how low the dining ceilings are at about 8'3".
 Today, they torn down the dining ceiling and baby, oh baby, I now have vault envy!
 I never thought I wanted a vaulted ceiling since it doesn't seem to really fit my French Country theme. 
 But, just look at the height!  I loved this room the way it was before because of all the light, but with the ceiling completely open it is even more amazing.
Looking from the dining room into the kitchen area now that the ceiling is down.
 From the pantry looking back into the dining room. 
I have been trying to decide what to do with this.  I have some ideas. 

Trying to make up my mind, but I am leaning toward a coffered ceiling.  
 Late last night Chris moved the temporary kitchen back into the old kitchen space so they could demo the dining room.  This is what we have to work with for the next few months.  Up those stairs is our bedroom/bath which is now my space to recover.  
Not a great photo, but it does show the circulating ice packs that I wear almost 24/7 to keep the swelling down.  Having ice circulating around your knees keeps my entire body freezing!  


  1. I love coffered ceilings, too. Wish I had one! Or even a vaulted ceiling, because I got used to them in Texas.

  2. Oh I love the vaulted ceilings! And I like the 2nd option, a bit more country maybe too much for you, but I love those. It's going to be amazing!