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Friday, February 16, 2018

Red Bird

The cardinals around the house seem to become more visible when the trees are bare. They flock to our feeder in the morning and just before the sun goes down.  

I found one set of the cork backed placemats at Home Goods after Christmas last year.  I scouted every Home Goods for a second set with no luck and eventually found a set on Ebay for 3x as much as I paid at Home Goods, of course!

I used my painted brass candelabras and Henry Lauder's Walking Stick branches for the center of the table.  I added some lighting and pine cones.  The fat cardinals are from Ross.

Red napkins and Ralph Lauren stemware to finish.  

I usually put small cardinals on the branches, but felt it would be too much with the placemats. 

I decided to put them on the island to bring some color to the kitchen. 


  1. Love,love,love your table and island. They are the perfect spaces for a flock of cardinals to land!! I grew up in NY where we had cardinals, blue jays and robins visit, but in CA where I live now, we do not see those wonderful bird varieties. And I miss them. Your home is always such a treat to explore. I'm sure you are enjoying the results of all your labors to create such a pretty home. Your circular island end spot is especially attractive. It's perfect for entertaining! A great post today!

  2. Hey there, pumpkin cookie! This is THE tablescape!!! I’ve been thinking a lot about ny Dad this weekend, and they say cardinals at your window are your loved ones. Maybe this cardinals in the dining room are the same! I really like how you extended the theme to that incredible island in the kitchen. Slick!!! (I really was trying to come up with a way to slip that whole island in my purse or bra to bring it back home with me!😆) I’m upset that I couldn’t have just found those additional placemats here and mail them to you so you wouldn’t have had to pay so much. Always remember that it’s the thrill of the hunt for me, and I don’t mi d at all getting out there to search for stuff...especially at Home Goods (we have 4 in the Greater KC area), Tuesday Morning (6 or 7 around here within 35 miles), or Pier 1 (God only knows how many of those are around closeb by!). I’m digging the way the curl of the branches mimics with the pattern in the placemats. Good eye! Seeing how you’ve used your mirror runner here makes me want to kick myself for selling mine about 15 years back. I get into that purge mode and just lose my mind sometimes!

  3. This whole concept is genius! I love the clear glass plates which allow one to see the placemats. So often the nice placemats get ignored by all the folderol placed on top of them. I have some mirror placemats I bought at least 25 years ago, and since they are rectangular, I used to turn them into a runner or a top on a buffet. Now I am glad I held onto them even though all my tables now are round.

    We have been "feeling mighty poorly" around our house this winter, so I have not done much in the way of dolling up tables. This was a breath of fresh air!

  4. Beautiful beautiful design idea! Cardinals are such beautiful birds, especially this time of year when outdoor color is a bit monotone. I also adore your collection of blue vases on the top shelf.

  5. Always love creativity and this is it. However, I am in love with those cabinets flanking either side of the doorway. You can never have too many dishes or cabinets.

  6. Love the grapevine running through the middle. I'm sharing a redbird tablescape today, too. Great minds think alike! Missy visiting from Our Neck of the Woods

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