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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who Cooks for You?

My husband loves the outdoors.  Most of our dates before we were married included hiking, fishing, boating, caving, etc.  Even though he is a hunter, he especially loves the wild animals.  He always has one eye on the woods to spot deer, turkey, hawks, whatever he can find.  We have been known to pull over for half and hour or more just to watch a rabbit.  
Last year, I showed the photos he captured of the fox that lives in our woods HERE.  When I came home one day last week, he handed me the SD card from his camera to download and this was his latest find.
We have heard this guy for several years.  In fact, my husband often carries on a conversation with him at night, but we have never seen him in the daylight.  We have a large old, dead tree, but he won't cut it down because hubby was sure that's where the owl lived.  He was right.  

This is a Barred Owl, which are common in our area of TN.  If you would like to hear their call click on the YouTube link below.

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  1. OH my that is awesome! They are so regal looking! He/she has quite a nice place to live from the looks of it! I bet it goes way in and down. Nice to know you've preserved the tree for it. People don't realize that there is life in those old trees!
    He sure got a nice collection of pictures! Great job!

  2. wow ...what a beautiful owl...would love to see him everyday in that tree...

  3. My husband and I love barred owls! We have them in our neighborhood and every year we hear them calling at night (perhaps during mating season?). I love your photos and the video.

  4. Oh Dianne, how neat. He is just magnificent. How wonderful that your husband knew this was his home, long before he saw him.

    Thanks so much for bringing your post to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Hoot Hoot! I am an owl lover, and have been known to call owls in the woods, and my favorite is "who cooks for you"! So great that you left the tree so the owl could continue to have his home. Your husband is a lot like mine in regards to his interests, and we're going to enjoy looking at your photos. I found you on Seasonal Sundays.

  6. Beautiful photos Dianne! I love how he was able to photograph him in the tree. Aren't you sooo glad he didn't take that old tree down? Great story too!

  7. Oh Dianne, these pictures are WONDERFUL!! I am fascinated by owls. We visited the N.C. Zoo back in October and saw a barred owl in one of the exhibits. That stare of theirs can stop you cold. I almost never see owls in the daytime; I'm really impressed that your husband got these pics.

    Thanks so much for sharing and Happy Seasonal Sunday!


  8. So glad I stopped by, I am coming from Tableschapes. I love these photos of the wise one, he or she is huge. I have a tree similiar and in the spring it is as busy as our local Walmart.
    thanks for sharing. Kathy

  9. Awesome!!!! What good instincts on your husbands part. One year we an owl with three fledglings perch over our front door for a few evenings until they moved on. Thrilling. Thanks for commenting on my my cup! I'd love to know more.

  10. Thanks for following -- I am also following you.

    Love the owl story. He looks mighty wise, doesn't he?

  11. Such a magnificent creature! How lucky to have spotted him, he blends so well with the tree! I have a lot of woods around me, but I have never seen one!

  12. Incredible pictures. Owls are such interesting creatures. His home looks very cozy!