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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Asian Influence

I watched the estate sale ads and stalked this Johnson Brothers Indian Tree china for weeks.  When I finally went to the sale, it was priced so high, I walked away, BUT on my way out, I spotted the bid box and I decided that a complete place setting for 8 with all the serving pieces was worth $75 to me.  I left thinking that was the end of it.  A day later, I received a call from the person running the sale telling me that they accepted my bid!  I was so excited.  

I just couldn't figure out what to do with it once I got it home, so I stuffed it in the old china cabinet, order the missing salad plate from Ebay, and just looked at it.  It was 4 months before I found my inspiration.
Don't you love the Johnson Brothers color application? 
 I started with a woven placemat that brought out the deep maroon.  I really struggled with the charger and for a hour or so, I thought I might not use a charger at all.  Once I picked up the centerpiece, I knew the rattan chargers would be perfect.  
 Several years ago Mr Creative and I took a Bonsai class and we were so proud of our creations, until a few months later when they died.  But it didn't matter, I was obsessed with Bonsai.  We toured Bonsai gardens in CA and at the National Arboretum and they always make me swoon. 
 Since I didn't do well with my first Bonsai, I decided to go a different route this time and I rented one!
 The Little Tree Shop in Nashville, with the most adorable shop dog, allowed me to rent this beautiful specimen for week.  
Sweet hubby brought the stones home. He just gets it!  The wispy dried cyprus needles were just piled up on the corner of my deck.  It started to look good, but I didn't like the seams showing.   

I tried some dried moss, but it wasn't enough. 
The night of our dinner party, sweet hubby ran in just after dark with a present from the woods. MOSS!  I quickly placed it on the rocks before the guest arrived.  I had to take the photos the next day so you could see the moss.  
We had chicken stew with homemade noodles and chocolate pie for dessert and I didn't even have to cook.  Our sweet friends Thom and Suzanne brought the yummies.  
The candlesticks are from friend Suzanne, the globes are from Home Goods.  

The napkins are also from Home Goods.  Never could figure out what to do with them

Forgive the B & B container, I forgot to put out butter and these friends are like family. 

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  1. Gorgeous Dianne! I love your Asian tablescape with the beautiful dinnerware! I'm very fond of Asian things for decor and specially dishes like yours. Loving your awesome centerpiece with the Bonsai tree!

  2. Diane, this Asian inspired table is gorgeous. Your centerpiece is very creative. Bonsai has always intrigued me, and I admire the way you added all the details for your centerpiece. Happy for you that this set of dishes found their way to your home.

  3. This is a beautiful table! I love the china, what a great set and great price! Bonsai Art is so beautiful, my Dad had an interest in it from his years living in Japan! Just beautiful all around.

  4. Beautiful table! Love it that you rented a bonsai, that's. Love oriental theme decor and would have bid on those gorgeous dishes also.

  5. Gorgeous table, Dianne. The centerpiece says it all! With the colors in the china, you can do so much for different effects. I practically salivate every time I see your dining room...it is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. Oh, wow, what a fabulous find those dishes were! I adore that pattern -- such wonderful colors! Your table is stunning. I know your friends were impressed!

  7. I am in love with those dishes -- great buy. I love them with the rattan charger and the bamboo flatware, and they look perfect on your wooden table. Your renting a bonsai cracked me up. My aunt used to have a bonsai, and as a little girl growing up I was totally fascinated with it. Joni

  8. Hi lovely lady.
    Your Tablescape is Gorgeous as always in this lovely dining room in your home. I love your centerpiece go's great with your beautiful dishes. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.

  9. Great use of bonsai/dishes - and the moss was perfect! I love the light in this room.

  10. The china is beautiful. Everything is gorgeous on this lovely Asian table. I know what you mean about the bonsai, I took a class about forty years ago and I never managed to keep anything alive for more than a year. Good thinking to rent a beautiful specimen plant. I resorted to using an artificial bonsai plant for my bedroom dresser. I just rinse it off every two or three months and it still looks great after several years.

  11. I love your Indian Tree. It sets a great table!



  12. That is just beautiful love the bonsai, rocks and moss....very striking tablescape:-)

  13. This table is a work of art. I had no idea one could rent trees. The food sounds delicious -- and even better when someone else cooks it.

  14. NO KIDDING your hubby gets it!!!! Wow! What a great save on his part! The moss AND the rocks look fantastic! It's cool that you were able to RENT a bonsai, too. I know we have a few plant rental places around the KC area, but I've never taken advantage of that opportunity. Hmmmmm....I think you're onto something!

    You got an absolutely GREAT deal on those beautiful dishes!!! I never heard of a bid box. I will have to look for one in the future when I go to estate sales. I never knew they existed, but if I could get something with a simple bid I'm all for it!!! It's so wonderful when you are finally able to figure out what to do with a purchase. At the time you buy it you KNOW there's something great in its future, but you may not have it totally figured out just yet. I do that a LOT!!! It was totally worth the wait because this is a MAGNIFICENT table!!! You really captured the Asian influence of the dishes without going overboard. The illusion is so wonderful that for a fleeting moment I actually thought the dining chairs were those bamboo chiavaris!!! You NAILED it, sweetheart!!!