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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fly Away

In September, Mr Creative, the outdoors man, went on a fishing trip in Colorado. He loves fly fishing and was a guide in Alaska for four summers while in collage.  He took some amazing photos that I thought you might enjoy. 

See the storm in the distance.  This happens often in the mountains. 
They were lucky, it rained all around them, but never on them.  The big worry is lightening.

 Catch and release policy.  Little stream, little fish.  

Now, I am not a fishing expert, but this looks a lot like napping to me!  

Hope you have a great weekend!  Joining Oh, The Places I Have Been!


  1. Gorgeous photos and scenery. I'll bet he had a great time fishing.

  2. Boy does this look like a beautiful spot. The photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing, Dianne.

  3. Colorado looks a lovely state I hope to get there one day. The photos are excellent even underwater ones, thats clever.

  4. This is gorgeous. I love the photos of the fish in the water. But if I was going to nap, I don't think I'd do it there. One toss in your sleep and you're brutally awake.

    So happy you're sharing this with "Oh, the PLACES I've been!".

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Beautiful pictures! We used to fly fish -- that was ages ago!

  6. All things fabulous here--the fishing/pictures (wow!) and that table and bargain on those wonderful dishes!! I remember you--your multiple china cabinets you and I "laughed" about when we visited back and forth! I'm a follower, but didn't have you on my sidebar--I will now!

    You asked about the candleholder in my post--no markings whatsoever. I'd be happy to check and see if they got more after the holidays or if they could order more and let you know, or feel free to call The Morgan House, in Dublin/Shawnee Hills, Ohio, and ask for Travis. But if you want me to check, I'll be happy to!

    thanks for visiting and commenting! ~Zuni

  7. Both my sister and one of my more adventurous cousins would have been in hog heaven here!!!!! My cousin actually gets out and goes ice fishing!!! She'll go all by herself if her hubby doesn't want to go! That girl's got a lot of heart!!!

    Beautiful area just packed with serenity. I don't blame that one fellow for sneaking a nap on the water!

    Hey...you are yet another of my blog friends whose email alerts when you post have stopped coming to me. I just resubscribed to your blog hoping that will fix the problem. I don't know what's going on with this crazy blog stuff!!! I wish the powers that be would quit messing with it!