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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A New Visitor

Several years ago, I did a post about an owl that lived in our hollow tree which you can see HERE. Shortly after that post, the owl swooped across the road in chase after a bird and was hit by a truck as my husband stood and watched. We were so sad.  
For the last month or so, we have spotted a new Barred Owl in the woods next to our house. Isn't it a beauty?   He seems to like the wrought iron gate that my husband brought home.  It's not a gate to anywhere, it just hangs out in the woods for now.   

Last weekend as we pulled in the driveway in the late afternoon, the owl was visible in his/her usual spot. My husband did his perfect owl call and sure enough, our new visitor called back.  They carried on a conversation for a few minutes and then my husband left to run and errand.  Well this owl didn't like that one bit and he started calling and hooting for several minutes, trying to get a response and finally flew off deeper in the woods when he realized he was all alone again.   


  1. Such a beautiful bird. I do hope that he comes back again. Great pictures. thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Wow that's fantastic and so are your pictures! We live by a stand of woods and I've always imagined that there is an owl in there but I've never heard or seen them. That's too bad about the other owl getting hit by the truck. Looks like you've got a new friend that will be hanging around for a while!