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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Packing Process

The planning is almost over, the bids are completed, the decisions almost made, and we closed on the loan.  We are so close.  We are still frantically packing the last of it.  Once everything is out of the house, I plan to do a camera walk through to show you the very ugly, outdated before.

We hope the demolition will start week after next. That gives me next weekend to empty the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  It is also one week before I check into the hospital for bilateral knee replacement.  The only thing that would make my life crazier would be to get a kitten!  I know it will be worth it when all is finished, but I am not so sure about enjoying the journey.


  1. So many times I hear "outdated." It makes me sad, that people have to re-do in the latest fad style and then it has be done again in a few years to "keep up" with the new trends and again by the next person buying the property, so they won't live in something "out-dated." What psychological quirk is this? Or maybe it's too many flip shows on tv? Imagine if the White House was "updated" regularly., destroying all the best of the 18th/19th century furnishings and styles. What's wrong with my POV here?

  2. "Demolition" sounds more like re-build than updating!!!! Is this "re-using the previously loved"? or a "bargain." sigh....I'm sure I'm too old to understand the 21st century.......

  3. I applaud you and question your sanity all at once! You're right...the journey is going to suck. When all is said and done, though, your house AND your knees will thank you! I wish my house could undergo an extensive makeover, too. I love the house, but there are a number of cosmetic issues I'd love to address as well as enlarging the kitchen and knocking down the wall between the family room and library to create a singular larger space. Sigh! Enjoy the process as much as you can from your bed, and hang in there on that PT. Try to think of it as being at the gym getting sexy instead of being at PT . It helps....a lot! You and I will be recovering together, so let's keep each other's spirits up. OK? Take care, sweetheart!