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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Porch Progress

It was 98 degrees today with about 89% humidity, but that didn't stop the crew from starting the framing on the porch.  I really felt for them, but I am so glad we are making progress.

View from the front yard.  

 The ditch is how far out the porch will be.  
The view from the inside, through the front door. And meanwhile, on the other side of the house! 

Chris and his crew cleaned out the garage so they could start tearing out the ceiling to get to the plumbing in the master bath above. 
 All the junk in the garage didn't go far through.  
 Twelve years ago, when we moved into this house, the deck stood over a hill, but Chris dug it all out and converted it to storage for some of his outside equipment.  They had to pull it all out to organize, throw-away, and make room for the things from the garage.
My FIL cleaning the carpet pieces that use to be under my car.  
 The spruce planking arrived.  Once the garage is cleaned out, we will be painting this planking a 1/2 strength version of the Pallidium Blue from the kitchen cabinets.  
 The planking will become the dining room and front porch ceiling, and a wall near the front door. 
 My temporary kitchen has disappeared so the sheet rock crew could apply the third and last coat of mud. The sanding will start on Saturday.  
The refrigerator will slide into this space.  There will be a built in cabinet around it and behind the fridge, there will be a tall, narrow cabinet that backs up to the corner wall.  It will have several shelves and will hold baking sheets, serving platters, and other large thin pieces.  
Things are changing fast around here.  I will try to post again a few days if I can capture the changes o the front of the house.  


  1. I didn't know you were doing the porch too. That's awesome. It's coming together!

  2. Making progress. This is going to fabulous when finished. So excited for you. I know it can't be soon enough. '-)

  3. This is going to be incredible! We went to the Southern Living Idea House today -- and I kept thinking I wish I could do what you are doing here -- making it the way you WANT it instead of just what you got when you moved in. I can't believe your husband dug out all that stuff under the deck himself! He must be Sampson!