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Monday, January 7, 2013

Bread and Roses

For those new to my blog, New Year's Eve is our wedding anniversary.   All year I thought we were celebrating #17, but after finally sitting down and calculating, I realized that it only been 14 years.  I was never very good with math.  I got it right the last few years which you can see HERE and HERE, but apparently had a senior moment in 2012.  
My table started with some inspiration from Z Gallerie on a recent trip to Atlanta.  I loved the look of the woven placemats dipped in precious metal.  

I found my round placemats at IKEA.  They were natural so I sprayed them with metallic silver.  I placed them on black satin runners which I made several years ago.  I used black chargers and my Lenox Maywood china.  Blinged out napkin rings were found at Target on clearance, but I had to go to three stores to find ten. 

The black marbled rose bowl was found at a local antique store.  It's not old, but I as soon as I saw it, I knew it had to have big fat red roses in it! 
In August we attended a family reunion.  Outside of our Kentucky Lake cabin was a dead Henry Lauder's Walking Stick.  Everyone laughed at me when I asked my husband to cut some branches at put them in the car.  

I sprayed them with the same silver metallic paint and then wrapped them in fairy lights.
I added my Orrefors votive holders, some silver balls and black birds with silver beaded collars to perch on the branches.  
The candleholders were found on clearance at Ross last year.  

A little silver ornament at each place holds a package of Joni's, from Red Couch Recipes, Grandmother Utahna Felix's English Toffee and a name tag.  You can find her recipe HERE.  She was right, it is totally addictive. 

Fred brought beyond delicious crab cakes and his significant other made goat cheese tarts with a pecan crust for our appetizers.  I made some caramelized applewood smoked bacon which was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I will share the recipe at the end.  It is not healthy, but once a year it's worth the effort. 
Double Stuffed Twice Baked Potatoes and Crown Roast of Pork with Apple Pecan Sourdough Bread Stuffing.  
Served with Janie's Roasted Carrots and Broiled Asparagus and Thom's tender rolls. He makes wonderful rolls, but his desserts outshine everything.
Apple Cranberry Tart with Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream.  Sinfully delicious and seriously caloric. 
My precious FIL is always the life of the party!  
Happy New Year to everyone and Happy 15th Anniversary to us! In spite of me forgetting the champagne (another seniors moment) we celebrated a wonderful evening with family and friends. 
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Caramelized Black Pepper Bacon
1 1b thick cut applewood smoked bacon
2-3 T fresh ground pepper
1-2 cups of dark brown sugar

Lay bacon on rack over a baking sheet lined with parchment.  Leave some space between each slice so they don't stick to each other
Sprinkle with ground black pepper and then the brown sugar.  The layer of brown sugar should be thick.  Pat down the brown sugar with your palm as much as possible.
Bake in 275 degree oven for 3 hours.  Let cool on rack and then separate.  Do not layer finished bacon on serving platter until it is completely cooled to room temperature or it will all stick together.  
If bacon fat coagulates on the top of the bacon, place in a warm (200 degree) over for about 10 min and blot fat with paper towel.


  1. Suzanne described the event or rather the table as...well, you know. Beautiful, and who cares about the real number? I have no clue how many years we have been married...ever....always have to ask my husband. I think it might mean we are very happily married. I do know my dress found in Atlanta would have been beautiful sitting at that amazing table. I should have had you stuff it with paper and put a picture of my head coming out the top!!!!!

  2. I am visiting from Kathe with an E What an absolutely blingy gorgeous table setting. You all look like you had loads of fun. Happy Anniversary.:)

  3. This is truly a gorgeous table! Love all the bling and sparkle! Gorgeous! Grat friends and food also!


  4. I made that bacon this past holiday too! Except I think I added a bit of cayenne.. yummy!! Happy Happy Anniversary.. it's okay to mistake the years.. I was 57 a total of 3 times, twice before and the year of.. Our anniversary is the 30th.. 38 years. Your memory will come back. Promise. Love love the table. Once again an amazing table with lights, texture, beautiful crystal and organic pieces.. Just love it! Looking forward to a fun 2013 at your tables.. xo marlis

  5. I LOVE this table, Dianne! I've been looking for gold chargers/placemats that arent' the acrylic ones, and you had the perfect solutions--paint natural ones! Really...why didn't I come up with that?! I love your flutes! And excuse me, but did I count THREE china cabinets???!!! LOL--that is serious dish collecting! :) No wonder you have all the stuff to create this amazing tablescape! Did your guests like it? Tell us what they said!

    Beautiful! ~Zuni

  6. Dianne, what a special way to celebrate both New Year's Eve and your anniversary. Your table is gorgeous with the sparkle of the cut crystal and the silver details. Clever to make your own placemats. ;-)
    Happy Anniversary!

  7. OMGosh, what a beautiful table...it is magical with the lights bouncing off all the crystal. Happy Anniversary and many more.

  8. How beautiful! Everything looks so good, food is delicious and the table is over the top gorgeous....Christine

  9. Stunning, Dianne and what a happy occasion! Your table sparkles like a tree covered in ice, when sunlight first shines on it. Your recipe sounds delicious - what is there not to like about bacon?? I tried out a new bacon recipe this year, where you wrap a slice of bacon around a bread stick. It was yummy - guess I need to share it sometime.

  10. Dianne, such a lovely table and way to celebrate your Anniversary and New Year's in one fell swoop! I love all the crysal and how smart of you to spray those Ikea placemats! Love the tall candle holders and the pop of red in the crackled vase just really sets off the table. So glad you love the toffee and what a great idea to give a little favor of it! How cute that you calculated your Wedding Anniversary incorrectly...with true love the years really don't matter do they? Have a great year! Joni

  11. Love the beautiful tablescape, I adore those crystal pieces so beautiful, thanks for giving us a peek..

  12. Happy Anniversary! I know you are creative with this spectacular tablescape! The detail and planning of each piece is what makes it so special. Thanks for sharing where and when you found all the lovely accessories. I love the Ross candle holders! Beautiful!


  13. What a stunning table. It is just gorgeous with so much bling and glamour.

  14. Happy Anniversary, Dianne, and congratulations on 15 years! All the food looks and sounds delicious -- it's making me hungry. We just had delivery pizza tonight since we're watching the Super Bowl playoff games on TV. :)

    Your table is just gorgeous! It's so elegant and sparkly. I really love the placemats; I've never seen anything like those. I also love the white and silver Christmas crackers and all your beautiful candles.

    Visiting from Seasonal Sundays -- have a wonderful week!

    Denise at Forest Manor

  15. What a beautiful table and wonderful spread of food. Looks like a divine evening with friends for celebrating. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time in your welcoming home.

  16. Oh My Goodness what a fantastic party. Conrats. on your anniversary.The table setting was out of this world beautiful and the food looked so festive.Thank you for visiting My blog :) Denise from Coffeeberry Cottage

  17. I bought those silver placemats from Z gallerie! They are gorgeous, I gave them to my daughter for Christmas with secret intentions of borrowing them in the future. I love what you did with their inspiration, and the red roses are the perfect centerpiece!

  18. What a great over-the-top tablescape! Perfect for celebrating a new year. I'm a Tennessee tablescape blogger, too. Stop by for a visit sometime.

  19. 14 years, but it feels like 17? You are so funny! Your table is beautiful and the food looks yummy. I am a big fan of Z Gallerie and still mourn their departure from an area mall even though it's been five years now. Happy Belated Anniversary!