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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Vintage Table

Last summer I popped into my favorite local consignment shop.  I should never do this, especially just after vowing to NOT BUY ANYMORE DISHES!!  We all know how well that works don't we?  Anyway, there in the very back, was this amazing set of dishes with my name written all over them.  
A complete set with place settings for twelve!   
The set included 14 cups and saucers too and there was even sugar in the sugar bowl!  Like I said, "how could I pass it up?"  Even though, as you tell from the next photo, I barely had any room to store it.

I am a real sucker for Bavarian and Czech plates that have a dainty edge like these.  So sweet with tiny baby pink and baby blue flowers.  Could be perfect for a baby shower luncheon.  
I love the colors and figured it would be easy to just throw them down with some pink placemats and blue napkins and have a sweet table.  WRONG!  I tried every color of pink and blue and they just looked bad.  
About two weeks ago I visited Old Time Pottery and carried one of the dishes with me to try to find something that would work.  Surprisingly, I found lavender (they call it Hydrangea) placemats that matched perfectly.  Apparently, what I thought was a blue and pink flower design, turns out was it pale lavender instead of blue.  After that discovery, I decided to try something other than baby pink with the napkins.  
TJ just happened to have these Ralph Lauren burgundy napkins.
The napkins pulled out the darker pink and made a pleasing combination.  Not at all what I pictured when I purchased the dishes, but I think I like it.   
After putting all the china and linens together, I pulled out my Fostoria Ballet glassware to complete the vintage feel.  

Candelabras from Classy Flea in Marietta.  Just old brass, spray-painted white, but I love them anyway.  


The individual flower holders were found at the Vancouver Botanical Garden's gift shop on vacation two year ago.

The Players:
China Edelstein Bavaria Marie-Theresia - Estella's Consignment
Chargers - Hobby Lobby
Flatware - Cambridge - Ross
Glassware Fostoria Ballet - ReMix Consignment
Napkins - Ralph Lauren - TJ Maxx
Mini Vases - Vancouver Botanical Gardens
Candelabras - Classy Flea
Swan - Home Goods
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Punkin Beds

No, not that kind of Pumpkin.
Punkin, our sweet, 13 year old kitty has a lot of favorite sleeping spots around our house.  He has some designated kitty beds in a couple of places around the house, but he also comes up with some unique places of his own.  
He loves sleeping near his human.  

He used to love sleeping with his brother Frankie, until Frankie passed away.

Sometimes in or partially in the kitty bed...
And sometimes just close to the bed.  
He loves the leather ottoman
and the matching chair,
especially when there's a warm lap to cuddle in. 
The dining room chairs are another favorite.
He loves to snuggle between the bed pillows,
or to snooze in front of the fire in the winter,
and anywhere in the sunshine. 
He can make a bed in the paper from a Home Goods treasure.
Or he can find warmth from the tree lights.
Or my reading light, even if it is too bright.
Today, I found him in new place that just made me laugh.  I had purchased some new placemats and had them on the side table to match to dishes and see what use I could make out of them, but Punkin decided to repurpose them.

I won't tell the person who gets the top placemat if you don't.  
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