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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Stroll Through Our Gardens

Since its still a few months till the trees begin to flower, I thought we all might enjoy a look at some February gardens to get us in the gardening mood.

Every year when the holidays are over, the next big thing on our calendar is the Antique and Garden Show.  My husband (Mr McGyver) has had a garden for the last few years and each year it's an exciting journey.   As we gear up for the 2011 show, I am going share some pictures of past gardens for the next few posts.

Our first show was in 2003.  The theme was Garden Sheds. The shed was built by a friend who owns a tree service from an old yellow wood tree that had to be cut down.  

Slices of the trunk were used to create the building's sides.  

Old windows were added for light. 

Views from the inside

In addition to helping build the shed, Mr McGyver contribution included the plants outside and the small herb garden.

This was the beginning of a long and exciting relationship with the Nashville Antique and Garden Show.  Stay tuned for more glimpses into our gardens.

I will be joining http://thetablescaper.blogspot.com/

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mr Fox Comes to Visit

With the beautiful snow that we have had more than our usual share of this winter, I thought it would be nice to go outside.

We have woods on one side of our house.   My husband loves the woods and all creatures that inhabit the woods.  We have stop motion cameras set up to capture the nighttime visitors.  We have blue birds, a large barred owl, an occasional deer or coyote, and our favorite visitor, Mr Fox.  Sometimes he brings his lady friend, but this day it was just Mr Fox.  Always a welcome visitor. 

My hubby first spotted him through his truck window and filmed until the fox came around the side of the truck and saw him and took off! 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some Winter Color

I must confess, I am very ambivalent when it come to winter. I love the winter holidays that involve family, friends and food.  I love wearing scarves and especially love not having humidity-triggered hot flashes in the middle of the night!  I'm ambivalent because I don't like it getting dark so early, and I really don't like the drab, boring winter colors in Tennessee where it's just cold, brown, and gray, but seldom do we see the delight of snow. Like Narnia where it is always winter, but never Christmas.  It's too soon for a bright, spring table, but I have to create some color to try to cheer things up.

My sweet husband cut the dogwood branches for me.  See the red berries?  They are from Smith and Hawken and each one individually attaches to the branch with a thin wire.  Time consuming to attach, they really reflect the light when the candles and table lights are lit. 

Here's the table at night with the lights and candles lit.  The lights bring a lovely glow to the table.

I had a humdrum (at least I thought they were humdrum) set of Corning white dishes. I have wanted a new set of white dishes for a few years now.  A set with some edge attitude!  I found this set of eight place settings of Mikasa on sale at Macys, then 20% off the sale price and another $10 off coupon.  Score!  Not only did my sweet husband bring me the branches, he braved the after Thanksgiving hoards and picked up the dishes for me.  

My dear friend Suzanne arrived over the holidays bearing more of her beautiful antique store gifts and brought me the lovely clear glass plates.  They came with 11 of the smaller plates and 11 larger dinner plates.  Does anyone recognize them?  I would love to find that missing place setting somewhere.

I know I complained about the drab, gray TN winter and yet there is sun in these photo.  When the sun was shining this Monday morning, it was such a surprise, that I had to run fast and grab my camera to capture it before it was gone.

In fact, I starting shooting so fast, I didn't even notice Punkin's bed on the chair.

 Punkin is our kitty,  our very L-A-R-G-E kitty.

Here's hoping that your January is filled with light and color and few fat cats!  

One last photo to show you the view from my dining room window right now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Anniversary

When my husband and I married, we decided we didn't want a traditional wedding; we wanted a party!  We decided to marry on New Year's Eve.  We decorated, invited all our favorite family and friends, and hired a rocking band.  We married at 8:00 PM and the party continued until we rang in the New Year.  To celebrate our anniversary over the last twelve years, we have traveled, attended concerts, and once I even had foot surgery (not much of a celebration),  but my favorite celebration is inviting close friends over for good food and a relaxing evening.  Of course, the best part for me is getting to decorate the table.

I chose silver for the centerpiece because my china has a platinum rim.  I started collecting round silver and crystal ornaments in October.  I wanted  to recall the Time's Square ball.

I love my lights down the center of the table.  They were purchased years ago at Smith and Hawken.  They have a tiny wire that just fits between the table leaves.

I just love the hour when the sun lights the table.  The mirror chargers continue the crystal theme.

I hope the New Year brings you health and contentment!