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Monday, March 6, 2017

Mighty Big Changes!

As usual, things are not moving as fast as I would like, but we have had some big things going on here. The framers worked on the porch.  It only took a few days to go from this....
Too this...

I am so excited.  It is beginning to look like a finished house! 
Chris and his Dad put in this great curved sidewalk. 
We are going to stain the brick around the dormers to match the old brick.  We wanted to paint, but we can't.  Our old brick has holes and we were told it would look like polka dots. 

This is the view from the front porch and it is why we decided to screen the front instead of building a porch on the back.  Chris and his Dad layed the pavers on the porch too.  
On the inside, there have also been subtle, but important changes.  The tent around the island...
Is gone! that's not really subtle, to me that's HUGE!
The edge has been routed 
and the cracks and knotholes have been filled with copper.
The over and under cabinet lights have been installed.
As well as the under counter lights in the pantry
Shelves are built to house my collection of chargers. I still have to pick the trim and then they will be painted. 

Just some punch list items left to finish.  
I want to give a big shot out to my sweet husband who works his regular job all day and then comes home and install lighting, towel bars, sidewalks, shutters, etc, etc, etc.!  Without him, this 10 month project would have taken 20 months.  I it so wonderful to have a handy hubby.