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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fly Away

In September, Mr Creative, the outdoors man, went on a fishing trip in Colorado. He loves fly fishing and was a guide in Alaska for four summers while in collage.  He took some amazing photos that I thought you might enjoy. 

See the storm in the distance.  This happens often in the mountains. 
They were lucky, it rained all around them, but never on them.  The big worry is lightening.

 Catch and release policy.  Little stream, little fish.  

Now, I am not a fishing expert, but this looks a lot like napping to me!  

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Asian Influence

I watched the estate sale ads and stalked this Johnson Brothers Indian Tree china for weeks.  When I finally went to the sale, it was priced so high, I walked away, BUT on my way out, I spotted the bid box and I decided that a complete place setting for 8 with all the serving pieces was worth $75 to me.  I left thinking that was the end of it.  A day later, I received a call from the person running the sale telling me that they accepted my bid!  I was so excited.  

I just couldn't figure out what to do with it once I got it home, so I stuffed it in the old china cabinet, order the missing salad plate from Ebay, and just looked at it.  It was 4 months before I found my inspiration.
Don't you love the Johnson Brothers color application? 
 I started with a woven placemat that brought out the deep maroon.  I really struggled with the charger and for a hour or so, I thought I might not use a charger at all.  Once I picked up the centerpiece, I knew the rattan chargers would be perfect.  
 Several years ago Mr Creative and I took a Bonsai class and we were so proud of our creations, until a few months later when they died.  But it didn't matter, I was obsessed with Bonsai.  We toured Bonsai gardens in CA and at the National Arboretum and they always make me swoon. 
 Since I didn't do well with my first Bonsai, I decided to go a different route this time and I rented one!
 The Little Tree Shop in Nashville, with the most adorable shop dog, allowed me to rent this beautiful specimen for week.  
Sweet hubby brought the stones home. He just gets it!  The wispy dried cyprus needles were just piled up on the corner of my deck.  It started to look good, but I didn't like the seams showing.   

I tried some dried moss, but it wasn't enough. 
The night of our dinner party, sweet hubby ran in just after dark with a present from the woods. MOSS!  I quickly placed it on the rocks before the guest arrived.  I had to take the photos the next day so you could see the moss.  
We had chicken stew with homemade noodles and chocolate pie for dessert and I didn't even have to cook.  Our sweet friends Thom and Suzanne brought the yummies.  
The candlesticks are from friend Suzanne, the globes are from Home Goods.  

The napkins are also from Home Goods.  Never could figure out what to do with them

Forgive the B & B container, I forgot to put out butter and these friends are like family. 

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blue Cheers!

It all started with the dishes.  You can read the story of me chasing them all over the south HERE.  I usually change my decor between Christmas and NYE/Anniversary and the decorated tree is just in the background.   This year the color I chose posed a challenge.  I had to have a new tree and new decorations for my Christmas table so the NYE table needed to coordinate with the tree.  So I went with the same place setting, but then "glammed" it up for NYE.  
 I found this large crystal bowl at Home Goods in Destin and knew it would be the centerpiece.  I loaded it to overflowing with turquoise,silver and mirrored ornaments.  
The blue mesh is hiding a secret that will be revealed after dark. 
The same place setting as Christmas, but with new napkins make by my friend Libby.  I made the runners to use instead of placemats. 
 Sparkle snowflake scattered around. 
I found the frames in my craft supplies and just touched them with a little silver pigment ink.  If you are a crafter, you know pigment ink doesn't EVER dry on plastic so I had to warn everyone not to touch them.  




 I made paper fortune cookies with quotes about friendship to share with everyone. 

What you can't see, and I can't seem to upload the video, is that the lights under the mesh twinkle!

I want to thank each and every one of you who visited my blog and left such kind, sweet and encouraging comments.  It has been a busy, but good year and I am welcoming the new year with anticipation as it draws me one year closer to "RETIREMENT!"  I hope 2014 brings you health, love, and peace.  Dianne 
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