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Monday, October 2, 2017

The Kitchen Reveal

I have fretted over the final reveal of our newly remodeled home.  I wanted everything to be perfect, but 15 months after demo started, I have finally surrendered to the fact that things will NEVER be perfect!  
I wasn't very good about taking pictures of the before. Our old house was so dark and confining, I tried not to capture any images of it, but I did find some. 
Let's start with the old then new kitchen. 
Demo started the morning of my bilateral knee replacement surgery.  The walker is waiting my return. The blue tape on the floor is where the new island and pantry would be built.  
View from the old kitchen into the family room with a glimpse of the sliding doors to the dining room.  

During construction, this was our temporary kitchen. 

The new kitchen!  The ceiling was raised and the walls came down. 

The view of the side of our kitchen.  Behind the folding doors was our washer.  

The laundry transformed and enlarged into a pantry!

 The other end of the kitchen

The island top is walnut from a tree hubby cut down 21 years ago.  We have moved those boards from attic to attic.  My husband and a friend built the island top.  

Finally the kitchen of my dreams!  It is a joy to prepare meals, a breeze to clean up, and perfect for gathering.  A huge thank you to Stephen Wells, the creative architect; to Jerry Tiege, the General Contractor, if you have to have someone in your house everyday, Jerry is your guy; and Tom Vernon, the best cabinet maker with a crew focused on perfection.  
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