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Sunday, February 9, 2014

No Hearts and Dead Flowers

I had no intentions of creating a Valentine table.  I was actually planning a black and white table, but then I saw this runner at Ross and realized it pulled together a bunch of stuff I already had tucked all over the house.  I pulled it all out and it looked better than I expected, so I invited friends over for a Valentine Dinner Party.  It went from nothing to a full blown entertaining extravaganza!
Cute cupids are from Ross.  Red votives from Target clearance. 
Dark red placemats from OTP.  Chargers are Pier 1 clearance.  Pfaltzgraff dinner plates are from a dear friend's MIL.  Etched red plates on clearance at an antique store in Ft Walton.  
Silver plate is Alvin Fashion Lane.  You can read the crazy store about how I aquired it for free HERE.
Candlesticks were 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  
Cake plate and wire cloche from Home Goods.  I had a hard time envisioning a centerpiece that worked with everything else.  Since we have a yard full of brown dead hydrangeas, I thought I would just spray them white, but Mr Creative thought  they should be red. To get them painted, I had a 10 minute window in the last 2 weeks between work and dark with no freezing rain, sleet, snow, and temps above freezing, no kidding. I tried the white, it didn't work, so as usual, Mr Creative was right!   I am planning to replace this with real roses for our dinner on Sat, but I kinda like this look too.  What do you think? 

 Napkin roses in my Fostoria Ballet crystal.  Another clearance find at a local consignment store. 

 The daffodils got too leggy and had to be replaced. 
 The painted hydrangea found a new home, next to the  new dish set I am fostering until I can decided if I should adopt them or not. 
 The new centerpiece of Freedom roses.  

 Valentine place cards for everyone. 

Fondue with fruit, cake, caramels and marshmallows for dessert.     
I will be joining the following: Tablescape Thursday,You're Going To Love ItSeasonal Sunday,Valentine Par-Tay