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Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Weekend to Remember

It has been crazy wild since my last blog!  I was so excited about my girl's trip to Atlanta to shop and see Leonard Cohen at the Fox Theater.

If you live in Atlanta, you probably already know how amazing this theater is, but I was totally unprepared. I didn't even take in my camera which turned out to be a major mistake as you will soon read.  
The Fox history is very interesting and you can read about it HERE.  Here's a quote from the article: "a picturesque and almost disturbing grandeur beyond imagination. Visitors encounter an indoor Arabian courtyard with a sky full of flickering stars and magically drifting clouds; a spectacular striped canopy overhanging the balcony; stage curtains depicting mosques and Moorish rulers in hand sewn sequins and rhinestones." 

This was the view above our seats in the balcony.  A totally enchanting visual experience.  Leonard Cohen was amazing.  Seventy-nine years old and able to get on his knees and back up again, unassisted, at least 25 times during the 3 hour concert.  

 Everything was going great, until we came out of the theater and got back to my car.  While we were enjoying ourselves, someone smashed out a car window and stole my backpack with both of my cameras and various other things.  Amazingly, the thief didn't see, or couldn't reach or didn't want to be seen carrying dishes :) all the bags from the Pottery Barn, Wedgewood, Williams Sonoma outlets, and all the boxes and bags from IKEA in the back of the CRV.  The worst of it, was trying to get a police officer to come and take a report at 12:00 AM.  My frustration over being robbed quickly changed to frustration with the Atlanta Police Department as we waited until 1:30 AM in a freezing rain, on a dark street, in an unlocked car.  Apparently, there was an accident around the corner that required three police cars in attendance.  Finally, I was able to convince the officer directing traffic around the accident to file our police report.  As he stood at the window gathering information, I looked over and my crazy friend was gnawing on a chicken wing left over from dinner :).  Our frustration, fear, and anger erupted into laughter, we laughed so hard, we were in tears.  I know that officer thought we were insane.   Driving back to the hotel with no window and temps in the 30s only added to the experience.  Once at the hotel, we had to unload all our packages, finally getting to bed around 3:00 AM.  In the morning I was able to find a mobile glass company at 7:00 AM and as dedicated shoppers, we were back in business and in the stores by 10:00 AM!  I am now in the process of filing the insurance claims and trying to replace everything.  Still it was a great trip, but I will be much more careful the next time in Atlanta.  
Pictures in this post were taken with my phone. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When Creativity and Skill Meet.

Some of you may remember last year when I  attended a tablescaping class.  If you missed it you can read about it HERE.   Terry White, owner of The English Garden, in Nashville, teaches the class as a fund raiser for the University School of Nashville.  Terry is one of the most talented designers I have ever met.  Every inch of his house and garden is a masterpiece.   Come along for a peek, I think you will agree. 

Terry built this privacy wall himself.  He is in the process of replacing a section. He designed it so sections will blow out in high winds.  Wine bottles, wood slices, and wine corks form a beautiful and functional screen of texture and interest. 
An outdoor fountain in the garden overlooking the roof of his house. The house is on a hill with terraces in the back.
The roof is still a work in progress, he hopes to make a roof garden.  
One of several composting bins made from recycled wrought iron. 
Vines need a place to grow, why not use the bones of an old patio umbrella? 
A view of the terrace.  Terry made the concrete balls.  
A view of the lower patio from the dining room.
Indoor chandelier shades made from leftover window blinds.
Terry uses this room for his client & bride consultations.  Isn't is a warm welcoming space?  He built the bookcase to divide the room and if he needs more space, it's on wheels and can be rolled to the back wall.  
He even built the little chair on the right.  
Terry covered the doors in the house with copper as well as the tops of several tables.
Terry wants to see a tablescape everywhere he looks in his home.
I think he succeeded. 
Next post I will share the beautiful creations he made for us.  
I will be sharing all this creativity at the following parties:

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Winter White or Brown?

I know spring is coming, but it hasn't arrived here yet.  A few brave daffodils opened up only to be rewarded with a coating of snow.  I have spring ideas running around in my head, but  since it's still mostly brown in my neck of the woods, I decided to go with the inspiration from some clearance placemats from Home Goods.  

I pulled together some brown and white pieces:  Brown plates from Mikasa and the white are Johnson Brothers White Regency.  

I was waiting for Wed to post, but the more I looked at this table, the more it screamed autumn to me so I made some quick changes.  
I replaced the brown glasses and napkins with white. Of course then the sun disappeared for over a week.  

Looking around for something for a center piece, I spotted some remaining brown hydrangea blooms in the garden.  I gave them a quick spray of white and placed them in a white ironstone bowl.
The lacy metal votive holders are from IKEA.  White birds are from Ross.
My husband yielded to my complaints that the evergreens in front these windows were blocking the view and moved them to another spot in the yard.  Now he has to listen to my complaints about too much light coming into the room!  We are currently debating the replacement. 

So which color accent do you like best, white or brown? 
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