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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Little Bit of Spring

In February the Nashville Antique and Garden show opened in it's new location, the Music City Center.  After years of participating with our own garden, this year Mr Landscaper and I decided to just go as tourist.  
The new Music City Center is as beautiful as a convention center could hope to be, but the gardens left a lot to be desired compared to previous years.  

I love this idea at one of the booths.  Wouldn't it make a wonder place setting gift? 
I thought this was an interesting fantasy piece, but didn't feel it was much of a garden. 
Under the plexiglass you could barely see the Plexiglass clear pipes that bubbled up water onto the surface and over the edge of the table.  The sound and effect was lovely.  

A chicken feeder makes a darling centerpiece and I love the chairs.  
An extra feeder that I debated about buying, but finally passed on. 

These I didn't pass on, they are currently my deck, decked out in lights!  
Everyone's a comedian :)
Sorry for the poor quality, but I thought this was so clever. 
Not a fan and not sure what is was supposed to be either.
Loved the old paint pails with faded roses.

How unfortunate that these were sold already.  Ha, I could never have afforded them.
Sarah from Hyacinths for the Soul visited the show, but sadly, we missed meeting each other in person.  
Hoping for bigger and better gardens next year.  Spring is just around the corner, isn't it?
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Monday, March 3, 2014


Our friends are in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  They have a microwave in the laundry room and a gutted shell of the old kitchen.  I can't imagine being without a kitchen, which is one reason I am hesitant to even think about our own remodel.  I invited her over to cook this past weekend so they will have some food this week.  We planned three different recipes, plus something else for supper that night.  In order to have more time to cook, I just put together a simple table with my everyday dishes.  
Noritake Warm Sands stoneware. We have used these dishes everyday for 16 years and they are still like new.  I don't even remember where the placemats and napkins were found.  I purchased all of this before I even thought about tablescaping.  I probably wouldn't pick the linens now, but I still like the dishes.  

I just threw together some votives, greenery and and an old vine for a centerpiece.  When I make a vine wreath, I never throw it away.  I have stacks of them in the basement. 
Since it was just four for dinner, I put a few chickens at the end of the table so we didn't feel like we were at an empty table.


Simple, but delicious dessert.  Blackberries at Costco are really sweet right now.
It was a veritable celebrity chef cook-a-thon for about  six hours.  We made America's Test Kitchen Favorite Chili, Rick Bayless Mexican Shortribs (I am obsessed with this recipe), and White Bean Soup.  For supper we made Michael Chiarello's Tomato Soup with Grilled White Cheddar & Pesto Pannini.  After all the cooking, I was too exhausted to take photos of the food.  
Sharing at Tablescape Thursday and Seasonal Sunday.  
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