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Monday, August 27, 2012

Same Flowers, New Look

I was all ready to start a new table this weekend.  I wasn't tired of the old one (which you can see HERE), but I thought I needed to post something before everyone forgot about me.  So I took up all the dishes, flatware, placemats, etc.  The hydrangeas we brought in three weeks ago when I created this table were still so beautiful and vibrant in their bright green garb, that I just didn't want to part with them just yet.  So I planned a new table using similar colors, but the same center decorations. 
I changed out the red quilted placemats for the green woven bamboo.  
I added the brown Cambridge flatware, the Mikasa Antique White dishes, accented with Mikasa Gourmet Basic brown salad plates.  
I swapped the pale green napkins for a more vibrant green that matches the dried hydrangeas. 
 I remembered the white striped glasses from Old Time Pottery and I ran out and purchased them and onto the table they went.

 So same centerpiece, different place settings, for a whole new look.  

The hydrangea are all dried now, crispy to the touch, but still beautiful, vibrant green and they will stay that way for month, if not longer.  
Punkin is not at all impressed with my clever handiwork!  
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Late Summer Flowers

I started a table a couple of weeks ago, but it just refused to come together.  Has that ever happened to you?  No matter how much I stared at it, I couldn't figure out how to fix it.  Finally I just packed it all up and went shopping.  Shopping always makes me feel better.  I had my eye on a set of dishes at Home Goods for several weeks and now they were GONE!  The shelf was empty.  Disappointed, I made my usual run around the store, arriving at the clearance aisle last and there on the end cap, on the very bottom; eight salad plates in the pattern that I had been watching for weeks!  On CLEARANCE.  Into to my cart they went and I couldn't get home fast enough as inspiration for a new table quickly formed in my head.  
The floral dishes are 222 Fifth-Alicia (probably named after my tablescape hero, Alycia Nichols!, even though the spelling is a little off). I love the floral and thought they would go well with my quilted floral placemats.  
My hydrangeas were all transplanted this spring so they are smaller than usual, but I am not complaining.  I am so grateful that we have an irrigation system and I have any flowers at all with the temps this summer. 
The wavy mirror was picked up on a recent trip to Ikea in Atlanta.  They came in a package of two and I walked right by them, but my enabling, sweet husband spotted them and said, "wouldn't this look good on the table?".  He has great instincts.  
 I added a few white accents with the glass balls, the painted candelabras and the while ceramic napkin rings.  
The white ceramic chargers are also from Ikea.  

After struggling with an unfinished design for weeks, I was surprised that this came together in just an hour or so.  A shout out to my husband for making at least three trips out back to brave the chiggers and mosquitos for more hydrangeas.  I put them in water and will let the water evaporate and the flowers will hold their green for months.  
The Players:
White chargers - Ikea
Green plates - Home Essentials - Home Goods
Foral Plates -222 Fifth, Alicia - Home Goods
Red flatware - Cambridge - Ross
Placemats - Home Goods
Flower embossed napkin rings - Bed Bath and Beyond
Vintage crystal coasters - Ebay

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