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Friday, October 28, 2016

Small Changes

 The roofers finally completed the steel portion of the roof.  With the magnolia tree in the way, I was unable to get a good picture of the entire roof.  I need to get my son to use his drone to take photos for us.  

 A view of the porch from ground level. Gravel needs to be leveled and then the pavers can be installed. The concrete block line is where the old porch ended. 
This is my baking station.  It is a pedestal that pulls all the way out and I can stand on it when I am kneading bread on the island.  It has a bumper underneath that stablizes it.  I was unable to pull it all the way out without moving the paper.  
Shoe molding installed at the base of the TV cabinet. They still need to come back and paint it to match the cabinet.
 Rescued bathroom doors now have a new purpose as the expanded coat closet doors.
 Getting ready to install hardwood in the new family room.
 Lazy susan's finally arrived!  They also installed hardware to bottom shelves for additional pull out drawers.  Metal pull out bins will be installed on the bottom shelf on the right too.
 Master bath has seen lots of progress.  Backer board for tile is installed, sheetrock and first coat of mud.  
 This entire wall will be two vanities with a make up table between.
 The shower and toilet are in a separate room.  

 Behind the shower/toilet room we found room for a bathroom closet.
 This is the laundry room.  The washer dryer will be stacked in the corner with the doggie bathtub next to it.  
Stair from the laundry room up to additional storage.
We wanted an easily accessible room to store seasonal clothing, luggage, etc.  We have pull down stair access at the other end of the house, so hubby put a door so he can walk across the attic to the other storage space. 
Gas and water hook ups for washer/dryer and laundry sink.
 View from the bedroom of master bath on the left and laundry room on the right.  This entire space used to be one ridiculously large bathroom.  Makes so much more sense now.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Quick Update

As if starting a total home remodel on the same day as bilateral knee replacement wasn't enough, I had to have my gall bladder removed last Wednesday.  I went the ER Monday night, was finally admitted Tues AM, surgery Wed, and came home on Thurs. Not fun.  
Breakfast tray the day after surgery.  Looked appetizing after 4 days of no food at all.  I drank the Boost.

Home resting this week.  I will post remodel updates when I have the energy to get up and take some more photos.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Exterior Changes

We have had some progress on the exterior of our house!  We waited forever for our contractor to find a crew to do the block and brickwork and nothing happened.  So Mr Creative took matters into his own hands and went to a man that used to work for him. They came last Sunday to check it out and started on Monday!
House before
The windows across the front of our house were all level with the roof line, but b/c the house is on a hill, the master bedroom/bath was above the garage. The windows you see here were actually partially in the master bath closet and partially through the floor into the garage below.  These windows were boxed in with sheet rock on the inside so you could only see them from the outside. 
Our design was to start the windows closer to the bathroom floor and then go through the roof line with dormers so we could reclaim the windows.  
The framing crew built the dormers in the same space as the old windows, but closed up the bottom where it went through to the garage.  
Here you can see the old windows from the inside going through the floor.
Another view, but with boards to keep Daisy from falling through to the garage. This entire space was our old bathroom with a narrow closet across the front to hide those boxed in windows.
This shows the new window openings before the interior framing was completed.  
Now we claimed that closet space with one new window in the new bathroom the other in the laundry room.  
The dormers under construction with the new roof.

The finished dormers.  I love the herringbone brick. All of this ugly brown brick will be painted.  

We have also had some major changes on the other end of the house.  The masons also built the base of the new front porch.
The arrows point to the old porch steps in front of the new front door and the side of the old porch under the window.  We increased the porch size considerably!
Of course Daisy has to check every new footprint. 
A phantom crew shows up around 6:00 PM each night and works on putting new fascia boards around the porch edges.  They work until about 8:00 PM and disappear until the next day.  Today a couple of tons of gravel will arrive to fill in the porch.  Stay tuned.