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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beware the Barbed Wire!

While I have some family in town, the rest of my family is slightly spread out.  I have a sister in DC and another in Chattanooga.  We try to get together at least three or four times a year.  When we do, it's an occasion for what we all call "family dinner".  
I have all of my family and we usually have my sweet husband's family too.  One of the traditions of family get together in warm weather is Smoked Pork Shoulder with Alabama White Sauce.  The challenge for me, is to come up with something fresh for a table, but keep the BBQ theme going.
This year, I decided to go with a country table top with checks and chickens.  
I started with a red checkered placemat, topped with a faux wood charger, and then added my Mikasa Antique White china, separated with a bandana style napkin.  Cambidge flatware and the red polka dot glasses from Old Time Pottery to finish.  

I added several chicken from my collection, placed in a fluffy grapevine nests.  The runner is a piece of handwoven blanket cloth from Round Top, Texas. I found the star garland at A Classy Flea in Atlanta and the star coaster (AKA votive holders) are from IKEA.   The table has the right look, BUT.... each time I do a BBQ table, I have wanted to add barbed wire, but not just any wire, I wanted rusted barbed wire!  My husband kept telling me it was dangerous, but I thought I could handle it. Mr Creative wasn't sure he could find what I wanted. 
Ever indulgent, a few days later, he came home with one short roll of rusted barbed wire and a bigger, bright new shiny roll, just in case. He is a keeper for sure! The table was all complete except for placing the wire.  
I carefully started to unwind the roll, only to have it snap open like it was jet powered and begin flying around the table top.  Glasses and candle holders toppled, plates slid off the chargers and chicken ran for their lives!  Who knew barbed wire could be so dangerous. 
After about 20 minutes, I finally tamed the wire by tucking the ends into the iron candlesticks on each end.  I was terrified that someone was going to touch it and it would fly out of control all over the table again.  After I had it placed, there was rust dust everywhere, so I had to use the dust buster on my runner and rewash most of the dishes.  

Cute chalkboard place cards from Pick Your Plum. 
Daisy's on a chippy old radio case from Mr Creative's MaMa's house. 

Our new addition outdoors. There is one on each side of the door to greet our guests. 
In addition to family dinner, we were also able to celebrate my youngest sister's birthday.  A great meal, followed by great dessert with no injuries, or tetanus shots is my idea of a great family dinner!  
I am joining Kathleen's whimsical summer table party, and Tablescape Thursday.