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Monday, March 3, 2014


Our friends are in the middle of a kitchen remodel.  They have a microwave in the laundry room and a gutted shell of the old kitchen.  I can't imagine being without a kitchen, which is one reason I am hesitant to even think about our own remodel.  I invited her over to cook this past weekend so they will have some food this week.  We planned three different recipes, plus something else for supper that night.  In order to have more time to cook, I just put together a simple table with my everyday dishes.  
Noritake Warm Sands stoneware. We have used these dishes everyday for 16 years and they are still like new.  I don't even remember where the placemats and napkins were found.  I purchased all of this before I even thought about tablescaping.  I probably wouldn't pick the linens now, but I still like the dishes.  

I just threw together some votives, greenery and and an old vine for a centerpiece.  When I make a vine wreath, I never throw it away.  I have stacks of them in the basement. 
Since it was just four for dinner, I put a few chickens at the end of the table so we didn't feel like we were at an empty table.


Simple, but delicious dessert.  Blackberries at Costco are really sweet right now.
It was a veritable celebrity chef cook-a-thon for about  six hours.  We made America's Test Kitchen Favorite Chili, Rick Bayless Mexican Shortribs (I am obsessed with this recipe), and White Bean Soup.  For supper we made Michael Chiarello's Tomato Soup with Grilled White Cheddar & Pesto Pannini.  After all the cooking, I was too exhausted to take photos of the food.  
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Thanks for your visit and I appreciate all you comments and read everyone!   Dianne


  1. Looks great, and the menu sounds great, too!



  2. I shudder when I think of my kitchen remodel! I did not even have a microwave until my hood combo was installed. What a nice thing to do, cook together and share a meal. Your casual table is fabulous, I love the chickens at the end. xo

  3. What a good friend you are! And you will be considered and even BETTER friend when I come to visit and you give me some of those homemade vine wreaths to bring back to Kansas City with me! :-) :-) :-)

    You know you have chosen well when the dishes you have used for so many years still capture your fancy! Pat yourself on the back for that one!

    I like the idea of the chicken embellishment at the end of the table. You moved it in slightly so that it visually cuts off the length of the table. Great idea!!!

    Costco, here I come for some of those blackberries!!!!!!!

  4. Dianne, you are a thoughtful friend. What a wonderful idea for your friends!
    I like your Warm Sands stoneware. The linens are the perfect compliment to the colors in the border. Don't part with those! '-)

  5. Dianne,

    I am back ...this time visiting from Susan's!

    You really are a sweet friend to do this, and the table looks great.

    I am still admiring that "nest" of votives. Perfect with the birds and yardbirds!



  6. You are a good friend to have -- and I know they appreciated it. The food sounds wonderful. Share that recipe for the Mexican short ribs, please?

  7. I am sure your friend is grateful for your cook-a-thon!! What a great friend to be so thoughtful to see that they could use your help and kitchen!!! I love your vine and votive centerpiece!

  8. What a sweet gesture and such a good idea! And yes please do share the Mexican short ribs!

  9. Love the soft colors. A really pretty and welcoming table. All the elements just work!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. Beautiful table...I love your dishes and those placemats and napkins are wonderful!

  11. How sweet of you to entertain your friends. Thanks for bringing your creativity to Seasonal Sundays.

    - Alma, The Tablescaper