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Thursday, February 10, 2011

King Henry and his Wives 2005

The theme for 2005 was An Enchanted Garden.  This year, rather than have local landscape architects design the gardens, all the gardens were designed by the same person; landscape architect, Lysiane Luong.  She is the wife of Red Grooms.  All the gardens were based on paintings done by Red.  
Our garden was the Labyrinth.  It started, as it does every year, with a space on the bare convention center floor.

First the plastic, then the painted plywood, then the boxwoods.

The arches were built from wood and then covered with oasis and more boxwood.

 The containers for the boxwood were made from a thin paneling  material.  The longest panels were about 7 feet long.  They were painted in our garage and I still have Belle Meade Green paint on my garage ceiling!

This is what the landscaper/huband looks like when the deadline for finishing looms near.  

The final touch was to add the Red Grooms paintings of Henry and his wives and add the roses to the archways.

 The King and his wives.

 The view from above.

My husband with Red Grooms and his wife Lysiane Luong.

No judging this year, just lots of boxwoods.  For two years, the two hundred or more boxwoods from the garden lived in our front yard until they were sold to different clients.  About a dozen of them still line our driveway now, but I have learned after twelve years of being married to a landscaper, not to get attached to anything in my garden or yard.  Any day I can come home and it will be sold and gone! 


  1. What a delight!!! I love the cut outs. Quite clever. and that is a lot of boxwood!

  2. So, was it as fun this year, not getting to design the garden yourselves?
    The boxwoods are gorgeous.
    Guess you have to let him sell in the yard if you want to keep him from selling out of your dining room! We don't want him selling any of those dishes of yours!

  3. This is so neat, but as I read each post I am overwhelmed by the amount of work that it takes to produce such an endeavor. People are often amazed by the work it takes to produce a weekly tablescaper. That's nothing compared with this endeavor. Thanks for being apart of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  4. That is truly incredible! I can't even imagine what it took to do that. Happy Valentine's Day.


  5. Oh, I'm having great fun tonight, Dianne. Love a formal boxwood garden!