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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Too Much?

You know those times when you see something in the store and you know if you don't buy it, you will think about for the rest of your life?  Well I had one of those moments last year at Home Goods.  I walked in, spotted these dishes, loaded up my cart and brought these babies home! No second thoughts, no remorse or buyers guilt.  
I just knew they would make the perfect spring table.

 I couldn't find polka dot napkins, so I bought material and made them with a little help from a friend; well actually a lot of help.  All I did was cut them out :).  I love they way they turned out and how they look with the plates.
The cloches were purchases at the Antique and Garden Show a few years ago and I have used them for several different tables. 

I found the strawberry flower pots at Michaels last year.
My daughter bought me the ceramic strawberry pots at the Bath and Body store she manages.  I would go broke if I worked there.  

It has been rainy since I put this table together.  I waited 3 days to finally catch a photo with the sun shining in. 

The pressed glass cake plate was found in an Antique store in Napa California.
Shannon crystal candlesticks were on sale for a little over $8 each at Ross.  One was found in Atlanta and the other in Nashville.  They are really heavy.  
After I got it all on the table, I started to worry that maybe I went over board with the theme.  What do you think?
A peony I rescued between storms.  I cut all the buds and I am saving them in the refrigerator for a special party coming up at the end of the month.  This is the first time I have tried to save peony buds. I will let you know how it works out. 
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  1. My brother once told me that he read that the only things on the table should be what is needed. My daughter proceeded to tell him that I needed everything on the table! I could have kissed her! lol I think you "need" everything on your table, because it all looks so gorgeous together. Great job! Love the strawberry theme, plates are adorable, and the ceramic strawberry pots are precious. Great napkins, good job!!

  2. LOVE IT!!! What a cute table...I love strawberry patterns (I just bought a spool of strawberry pattern ribbon because it was so cute!!). Great table! Definitely NOT too much!

  3. Some people think that less is more. I am NOT one of those people. To me, more is never enough!

    I love your table just the way it is!

    I am your newest follower!

  4. I just love this! Tha apple green accent color is just the thing to make ths pop. All of the centerpiece accents are darling - I love birds!

  5. "NEVER",too much,your tablescape was so interesting I was just hangin' on every word and your photo's are fantastic,love all the strawberries!
    I'm your newest happy follower,come eat chocolate cake in the closet,and follow back if ya can.

  6. I know I could never have walked away from those dishes either!!! :0)

  7. A beautiful table in never too much. I love anything over the top!

  8. I love your table...never too much on it!

  9. Dianne, this is a magnificent table. I love strawberries, I love these plates! Wow what great pieces you found. I love the red polka dot napkins. Perfect choice. The green placemats are perfect as are the crystal pieces, the strawberry pots, the plants.. it's perfection and cannot help make everyone smile. Totally cool Dianne. Happy Mother's Day.

  10. I love strawberries, so I love your dishes. Your table is very happy and whimsical. The only thing I might do to change it would be to remove the strawberry on the plates and put them on the table. My only reasoning for that is because the plates have so much pretty pattern, I would let them be the star and not worry about decorating them too much. Otherwise, everything is great!

  11. You can't go wrong with strawberries! The more the merrier! My god-daughter is getting married in November and I asked her if they were going to want china et al. She said she hadn't thought about it and I told her a girl can NEVER have enough dishes!!!!!!

  12. Your table looks so fun and pretty. I love your dishes. Happy Mother's Day.

  13. Your tablescape is amazing - definately NOT too much. I know exactly what you mean about walking into a store and seeing something you have to have. You were lucky to be able to get the number of them that you wanted. That's always my problem. I see something I love, but there aren't enough of them - particularly at HomeGoods.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescape

  14. Dianne, I think your table is fantastic. I wouldn't remove a thing! Your new strawberry dishes are lovely. I like the green accents of the placemats and the glasses. Very nice.
    Now just a little strawberry short cake and you've got me!