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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Clear Bleu Vintage

I don't know about you, but lately I have been obsessed with these placemats with the cork backs.  They are just so easy to use and even easier to clean. 
When I spotted these at Home Goods, I knew I didn't want to cover up the pattern.
The Fleur de Lis chargers from Dillard's allow the design on the placemats to show through. 
Clear glass dishes from Classy Flea in Atlanta.  Small square plates were a gift from my dear friend Suzanne. 
Fashion Lane by Alvin flatware.
I hit the napkin jackpot on Black Friday last year.  All the hemstitch napkins at World Market were $.99 each.  I bought a dozen each in several different colors. Silver plate goblets were found at a thrift store in Colorado. Colorado has some amazing thrifting.
Snowball Vibernum.  Our bush is abundant this year! 
I love the patina on these old candlesticks.  The square pair were found at Round Top, TX and the curvy ones came from French Bleu Vintage

I found the burlap runner on clearance at Home Goods, but it was embroidered with large green shamrocks.  Took me about 5 hours, but I got them all removed.  I should have taken a before picture!

After a cold, rainy Saturday, the light at sunset really surprised me.  As the storms moved out to the West, the clouds began to break in the East throwing a surprising soft light on the table.  I am used to seeing the morning light come from the East with the sunrise, but not late in the afternoon.  

I am going to have fun with the following parties:


  1. Love the place mats and the clear plates. Of course, all the birdies make me smile. Great table, Dianne. xo

  2. What a lovely table! And I haven't seen those placemats before. I think I need to go out and shop for some on your recommendation. Yours are SO cute!

    Love the dishes from the flea in Atlanta.



  3. Gorgeous table, Dianne. I am glad that you didn't cover those wonderful placemats up, they really are great. You got a steal of a deal on the napkins!
    I love your dining room, it is so nice and spacious.

  4. Hi - found you through Kathe with an E party and I am so glad I did. Just adore your whole table. Bird is adorable. And the see through plates and placemats are sooo ...speechless.

  5. This is beautiful! Your table is wonderful and I love the room!

  6. your table is beautiful..and I think it is such a good idea to use the clear plates so we can see those amazing placemats...
    Love, Mona

  7. Dianne, this is lovely. I have a set of the cork backed placemats and haven't used them yet, not sure how to work with them. Great idea here! What a steal on those napkins. You know we both have those goblets, I think they were made in Spain. I love their stems! And the shape of the bowl. The silver candlesticks are gorgeous. What great finds. Another wonderful table with the blue birds and the perfect napkins!! I loved seeing your whole dining room, it's just wonderful. xo marlis

  8. Your mats are adorable, how clever to use those great clear plates with them! My favorite part of this beautiful table are you fat ceramic bluebirds, thos are so much fun!

  9. So pretty. I love how we get to see the place mats. So often we hide the beauty of them. Great sale at World Market.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Love the clearance aisle at World Market! Your scape is just beautiful....and those placemats? If they turn u missing....it wasn't me. I have an alibi...seriously, your tablescape is beautiful!

  11. Geez Louise, Dianne...your dining room is so big that it could be used as a basketball court between dinner events! Just HUGE! Ours is so teensy...it just makes me sick how tiny they made dining rooms in some of these houses! They're no longer considered "an essential room." Whatever! It's VERY essential in my life!!! :-)

    You were so smart not to cover that beautiful design on the placemats! The coloring on it is so pretty. I'm sure I would spend half of dinner trying to decode it! GREAT chargers! Dillards, huh? Well, right on, Dillards!

    I've not been to Colorado in years, but I'll tuck away that little tidbit about the great thrifting opportunities there.

    GREAT score at World Market on the napkins! I wish I would have been on top of things to get in on that!!! They have beautiful napkins, and hemstitched are my favorites. As for the runner and those shamrocks, I salute you!

    Your snowball viburnum looks fantastic!!!!!!! Wow...so pure and pretty! I hope you don't get any of this stupid weather that's starting to roll into the Kansas City area as I type. Your poor little bushes would be shocked to feel winter's wrath back on the block!!! Very pretty table, Dianne! Have a great week!!!

  12. Dianne, I use cork backed placemats for our everyday dinners and I just love them too. So easy and your pattern is very cute! You are truly dedicated to spend that effort getting rid of the shamrocks but it was worth it! I am spying a gorgeous swan planter in the background! Linda

  13. Your dining room is so pretty, Dianne. Ilike those placemats too and I almost bought that paticular print from HG but I bought the yellow and gray ones instead. How clever of you to use transparent plates cause you can see the design of the beautiful placemats....Christine

  14. Dianne, using the clear glass chargers and plates is a great idea. The placemats are really attractive. Love the chargers with their fleur de lys border. Great find! I always have a bit of dining room envy when I see yours. It's a fabulous space!

  15. Love your huge dining room!!! Was it originally a family room??? And three hutches, what a dream!!! Lovely table setting......

  16. I am in love with those place mats! The colors are so pretty and of course anything Paree makes me smile. You made it more perfect with the clear plates and such pretty napkins. I have those same silver birds and love them also. Your dining room is gorgeous and large. I usually only set a table for two since my dining room is small and I only use leave part of my table up. Anyway, I'm in love with this table. I think a trip to HomeGoods to look for those place mats just might happen soon!

  17. Go glad you didn't want to cover up the pattern! Love the place mats and the clear plates. The birdies are a delightful touch. Great table, Dianne. xo

  18. Wow! Love those placemats. We don't have home goods here. The clear plates are a terrific idea. Gorgeous blues!

  19. Hi, Dianne with the multiple china cabinets! What a lovely table--those clear plates are gorgeous! What a find! And the table runner story--I almost laughed out loud, because it's something I would do, and thought only I would do! :)

    Thanks so much for commenting on my Duck Egg theater seat! I'm really loving it, so no regrets. I can't believe it took me this long to think of it and do it!

    Have a happy weekend. ~Zuni

  20. What a beautiful table! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  21. Seriously? You picked out all the shamrock embroidery? You have the patience of Job. The table is beautifully put together as you always do.