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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Stash the Stuff!

Alma at The Tablescaper is celebrating her fourth blogaversary with a party.  I wanted to join, but I will be cruising Alaska May 31- Jun 8.  I let Alma know and she offered to post for me. Isn't that just so sweet?
Here's where I try to Stash the Stuff! 
This is the first china cabinet we owned.  It is really a dresser with a separate hutch that doesn't match, but this is the way my husband's grandmother had it, so we use it that way too.  It holds part of my Lenox china, placemats and the smaller drawers hold napkins. 
We quickly outgrew the one china cabinet and found this at a thrift store.  I holds several sets of dinner plates, round place mats, flatware, and candles. 

When I outgrew the other two china cabinets, I should have realized I had a dish hoarding problem, but instead, I found this Bassett cabinet on sale at Big Lot's for about $180.  I still can't believe my luck.
This cabinet holds more china, Fostoria glassware, cakeplates, crystal coasters, more flatware, napkins, and my silver.

On the top shelf is my newest prize.  A Fostoria Americana cake plate.  
This cabinet holds a lot and I have filled every inch!  
Centering the china cabinet on the back of the fireplace wall, left this little nook that I filled with a cabinet that is perfect for chargers.  
This chest belonged to my Grandmother and it used to hold napkins, but now it holds candles in the top drawer and believe it or not, the two bottom drawers are almost empty.  
Now all the napkins are taking over the "guest" side of the guest closet.  I stole this shoe/napkin holder idea from Alycia at Table Twenty One.  
An older radio cabinet from another Grandmother, holds more round placements and votive holders.
When three china cabinets, was no longer enough, my super supportive husband converted the linen closet at the end of a hallway into a dish closet.  Didn't take me long at all to fill it up either! At least nine full sets of dishes and various accent plates.  The top shelf holds all the tallest candlesticks.
When three china cabinets and a converted linen closet wasn't enough, same supportive husband converted half of the guest closet into storage.  

The guest closet was supposed to hold candlesticks and platters, but it pressed into dish duty.  I am probably the only person in town that goes to Old Time Pottery for empty glassware boxes.  For now, they make great storage for all my glassware too.  
An antique desk holds future Ebay or Esty sale items as well as napkin rinks and larger candles.  In order to make room for new, some stuff has to go.  You can see the Edelstein Bavaria Marie-Theresia  china set for sale HERE

As you can probably guess, or you know all too well, three china cabinets, a linen closet and guest closet, were not enough. 
When we moved into our house, there was no basement.  My husband and his crew spent a cold winter digging a basement under the existing house. It was meant to hold all his hunting, fishing and camping gear, but being sweet and supportive, he installed several sets of shelves for my ever growing collection.

All the shelves hold seasonal items like Christmas, extra chargers found on sale (for painting), and oversize items like cloches, lanterns, and the fat ceramic birds that I seem to collect. 

Since the basement is so dry, it is the perfect spot to store my collection of interesting wood, dried flowers, etc., that I often use for centerpieces. 
This drop leaf table at the end of the dining room has become a staging area.  When I am in the process of creating, everything I pull out ends up on this table.
There's more, but I need to pack so it will have to wait for Alma's 5th anniversary party.  Come join us for her 4th this year and be tell her thank you from me for linking me to her party!  


  1. This is such a wonderful post!!!Not only do you share where to keep it all, but you explain the evolution - as only an good dish collector (I don't like that ugly hoarder word) could!

    Mr. Scaper is very tolerant of my dish collecting. I wouldn't say he's encouraging about it, but extremely tolerant! We're both so lucky to have such spouses!

    Thank you again for sharing. Many are hesitant to do so, but at least once a year, I think it's only fair - and it sure does make the rest of us feel better! LOL!

    - Alma, The Tablescaper

  2. You have some beautiful things and I bet it is fun to do tablescapes with such a wonderful collection...Sure wish I had a basement like that. what a wonderful space...loved the tour

  3. Your collection of tabletop items is amazing. Storage space is always an issue here. If it weren't for the extra shelves my husband installed in the attic and the metal cabinets in the garage, I'd be out of luck. As it is, guest closets hold items too. '-)
    Have a fabulous time on your cruise.

  4. It always makes me feel better to see where others keep their dishes! My stash has grown and grown also! I love them and will be sharing my photos tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your Alaska trip and thanks for being so honest about where you keep it all!


  5. I am so grateful to have the pleasure of enjoying some of these beautiful things, first hand, when dining at your home. You create lovely tablescapes that do justice to the delicious food! Hope your Alaska trip turned out to be wonderful.

  6. OMG, my husband isn't that supportive!!! Lucky you You have so many pretty things. I always enjoy your tables. You'll have do do a post on Alaska soon! xo marlis

  7. What a sweet husband you have! I thought I had a lot of dishes! Wow! And all stored so neatly!

  8. Dianne, oh my goodness at all the storage you have! LOL After reading this I now think I need to go shopping for more dishes and linens...my stash doesn't seem so huge anymore.. LOL seriously, some great ideas here and I will be pinning them. loved seeing all of your collections...
    Love, Mona