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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'll Have a Blue Christmas

All the dishaholics out there will appreciate this.  Back in Oct, I spotted a great set of 8 dishes at Home Goods, put them in my cart, walked around the store for 30 min, talked myself out of buying anything new, and I put them back.  Of course, for weeks after, all I thought about was what I could do with those dishes.   When I went back, of course, they were gone.  I started looking at other Home Goods and found a few here, a few there, a few in Montgomery.  All in all, it took about 8 trips to get that full set back!  Lesson Learned:  - TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!
Even better than I imagined!

Trees from Old Time Pottery. 

New dishes required a new tree and all new ornaments and wrapping paper.  This tree was a bargain, $39 at Walmart with lights already on it! 

Merry Christmas to you and your's!   Celebrating with the following parties: Let's Dish!Tablescape ThursdaysSeasonal Sundays


  1. So lovely and elegant...love the blue; your instincts were so right. This is such a beautiful wintry color scheme. Perfect!

  2. Love this tablescape and your tree...gorgeous! My friend gave me two of the blue salad plates and I love them, haven't seen any other pieces anywhere. I'm sure they are long gone now so happy I got what I did! The ribbon on the chairs to the trees on the table, it's all stunning!

  3. Elegant indeed, Lady D!

    So loving it... this is our plan for the nxt Christmas. Absolutely, blue will be the color.

    Happy New Year.

    /CC girl

  4. I can so relate to your story! Were you following me around HG on my last visit? Your table Is beautiful, but what blew me away was the masthead to your blog! Gorgeous! Happy holidays!

  5. Oh my gosh! I agree with Maria C. the masthead to your blog is so gorgeous! I like everything; the tree, the tablescape..where did you find all your colors to match? I need to find me a mirrored runner like that..do you keep that on your table all the time? It looks like it is scalloped in one of the pictures or does it have some type of blue beeding on its edge? Looks like you own a lot of Swaroski? Is that what is in your masthead/header(whatever it is called)that makes it so elegant looking? Can one go to a mirror or glass shop and ask them to cut you a mirror runner by your specs? If one doesn't keep it on the dining room table all the time, how does one store it without it getting scratched or broken? Somebody on anothr blog mentioned you can buy a box of mirror tiles in Lowe's or Home depot..that might be easier to store. Thanks for sharing your talents and creativity with your blog followers/browsers..I will be a follower after this; bookmarking it now.

    1. Pippi, Thanks for your visit and sweet comments. The mirror runner is a wavy wall mirror from IKEA. I store it under my bed when not in use. The blue trees were found that color. I have been collecting items of the right color for months. The lights are LED lights that I bought on Amazon. They have both battery operated, and plug in. Mine are plug in and we run the cord through the seam in the table, down the back of the table leg, under the carpet (through a tiny hole) and then under the china cabinet to the wall plug.

  6. I have another question for you. I hope you don't mind. How do you have the lights under the fabric or netting? Do they sell LED light strings that operate by battery now days, no need to plug in? Each time I look at the pics, I discover something else magical about your tablescape. Did the trees come that color or you sprayed them to match?

  7. What a beautiful table. You have totally changed the look of Christmas to an exquisite wonderland of ice blue. I love everything about it, and the way you wrapped the chairs as well. What a creative mind you have!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  8. How pretty! Gorgeous shades of blue and what a Christmas tree bargain. Who'd ever know that it was so inexpensive. Visiting from Seasonal Sundays.

  9. Ooh, this is aqua love at it's best. I am really in love with this tablescape. I bought a set of these aqua beauties at Easter, I think I will get them out to use for New Years day. I am so inspired by this table, it is simply stunning. I have got to pin some of these beautiful pictures right away. I have a board that I call aqua love, so this color scheme is perfect! Your dining room is gorgeous too.

  10. I'm glad you were able to find the dishes after all!! Because this table came out beautiful! I love your light effects! Those trees from Old Time Pottery go perfectly with the plates you searched for!

  11. I'm so with you on trusting your instincts! I've done something similar. With Homegoods and TJ I find it's best to buy it and let it sit in your car until you've really made up your mind. I do return but I've also chased!

    So icy and beautiful!

    - The Tablescaper

  12. Trust your instincts, yes, indeed! Glad you were successful at rounding up the dishes. This is a beautiful table, and your tree is as well. Love your Blue Christmas!

  13. Oh, the blue is gorgeous! I totally agree with listening to your gut! I learned that lesson many times over. Your tree is stunning. Now I want to find one and do a blue & white tree next year!

  14. OH, yeah...we would have had to beat you mercilessly had you had you not pursued these!!! :-) Lesson learned, though, so we'll just let that be water under the bridge!

    This has such a cooling effect! It's beautiful! No matter where you live this is fantastic, but I'm sure the ladies in the Southern states where it tends to be warmer can REALLY appreciate it.

    The new tree looks terrific! I like that rope garland around it a lot! Smooth move to use it on the table, too. You were able to find a lot of really nice ornaments for the tree, too! I didn't see an abundance of that color around here this season.

    As always, I adore and totally appreciate the sheer size of your dining room. I always feel like I'm being punished with this jail cell of a dining room I have! :-)