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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Ducks Unlimited

Ahh, March in Tennessee.  Mr Creative's birthday is in March and this year was a big one worthy of celebration.  I invited friends and family over for a surprise party, but the weather looked like it had another plan.  Over the years I recall celebrating outside in the beautiful sun and inside due to rain or cold, but I don't ever remember moving inside because of snow.  This year we had the latest snowfall in TN history on top of about an inch of ice, just a few days before the planned party.  I thought we would have to cancel, but it the sun came out and melted most of the snow away.  

I took my inspiration for the table from these wonderful American Limoge plates found in an antique store in Ft Walton, FL.  I love the colors and vintage look of the pattern.  I paired the dishes with many items I have had for years.  
The centerpiece starts with a wavy mirror from Ikea and a copper pitcher and candlesticks both from Home Goods.  I added some dried hydrangea and twisted vines from our back yard.  
The Copeland mallards are from a local antique mall and had just the right colors to use the hemstitch napkins from World Market. 

I love using glass globes on pedestal candlesticks.  It softens the light, but also catches any wax drips.  These were found at Home Goods several years ago. 
Blogging allowed me to set the table and have everything ready without a hint of the surprise.  
Before the guests arrived, I was able to catch some photos with the blue light. 

Mexican Short Ribs
Chocolate Cake with Nutella and Fudge Icing

We actually celebrated three birthdays.  Our friend Kevin, my MIL and my hubby.  My daughter's birthday was the same day, but she was celebrating with her beau at Disney.
Even though we have had nothing compared to some parts of the country, I really want to believe that the the snow and ice is over and done with for this year! 
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  1. Happy Birthday to all the birthday folks. Your table looks wonderful, Dianne. I love that you could pull off a surprise. Great idea to pass off the table as a blog activity. ;-)
    We didn't get the snow and ice, but it has definitely been cold. We've had rain for the past few days, which is welcome here. I suspect we may jump from winter right into summer. I'm hoping for some spring weather though.
    Good to see a post from you. I've missed you!

  2. You're the lucky one, catching the blue light! I never seem to time that right. :-/ Before I forget to say, I love your hutch. What a great idea to put globes on candlesticks. They are so interesting and pretty with the blues in your tablescape. One picture showed blue in the globe, along with green. I couldn't tell it if was a blue reflection or the globe itself. Lighting can do some amazing things, can't it? It looks like y'all had a fun time celebrating...happy birthdays all 'round! Blessings~
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  3. Beautiful table..love, love, love it! Your globes on top of the tall candlesticks are wonderful and the china is gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful table. You have really done a wonderful welcoming tablescape. I love the candlesticks with the globes on top. The ducks are whimsical and charming. Is it a mirror that you have used for a base under the centerpieces? It is the perfect touch to bring it all together. Valerie (candlelightsupper2.blogspot.com)

  5. O.K. I so do not get it... I just commented but it did not publish. Trying this again. Beautiful setting for beautiful people. The picutre of the snow reminds me of why I live in AZ now instead of TN. However, I also remember breath taking springs there....beautiful like your surprise table. Will enjoy visiting anytime when I can sit down to such a table and meal with friends. Lovely.

  6. Will we all remember the endless winter of 2014/15??? Wowie! I do love your enormous beautiful dining room. I would be dressing up that table non-stop.You have done a lovely job with your lovely blues and cozy browns. Happy birthday everybody! (Thank you for the nice compliment to my shop!)