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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Doors

I am so excited that there has finally been some progress around this house!  You may remember that a month ago the framers raised the ceiling in the dining room from a lowly 8' to 12 feet.  
 We realized immediately, we needed some light in that empty space.  Our architect suggested an 8 foot door with a 2 foot transom.  We found the exact thing at the Habitat Store for $300!   
In order to install, my poor husband was up on scaffolding in 90 degree temps most of the weekend, removing the brick above the old doors.  The new doors were finally installed this morning and they certainly brought the light!  It looks amazing. 
These are the old front doors, dark and dreary.  
The second set of doors we found at the Habitat Store.  
The new doors installed!  It's amazing how they transform this part of the room!   
 Just past the new doors, is our expanded coat closet. You can see the place the previous closet ended, the new closet is 3 feet longer.  In the space between the front door and the closet, we plan to add a bench with some hooks above for company coats and purses.  
The electrician came and we are awaiting his bid. The crew also got all the walls prepared for new sheetrock installation. It's slow, but it's progress!  

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  1. Looking good! I know you are so excited to see some tangible progress. I take it the framers have reappeared? Will you be changing out the windows too? Hope you are feeling better every single day.