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Friday, August 5, 2016

One Step Foward, Two Steps Back!

The last two weeks have been a real test of my patience!  The framers have been working on the roof to expand the porch and cut back too far into the existing roof.  This has been the wettest July on record in TN, not jut outside, but inside our house! Three times it has rained inside!  Every time, they come back and put up a tarp and tell us "NO WATER can get in"; water gets in.  
So far they have removed the dry wall in the living room....
and in the guest room to avoid mold growth later. We were supposed to move into the guest room two weeks ago so they could start on the master, but there is NO WAY I am moving in here now. 
This is my craft room.  They put in the hardware for a pocket door, but it was so low, I could barely walk through it.  So the dry wall had to come off here too.  
 On a much brighter note, this is the antique door I bought for the pocket door!  I just love it.  

 Sweet Mr Creative, installed the bigger of the two kitchen sinks and hooked up the old faucet and even created a make shift counter top so we didn't have to wash dishes in the tub anymore!!
 Here you can see the two sinks and beside each will be a dishwasher.  
 They started putting the planking on the dining room ceiling, but got diverted to deal with the leaking roof.
 This is the expanded porch.  It will have columns with corbels to make it look Country French and it will be screened in!  Our contractor and architect said it was very unconventional to screen a front porch, but those who know me, know I am unconventional so it's perfect for me.  If we are going to have a 14 x 40 foot front porch, I want to be able to use it and not be eaten alive by mosquitos.  
Progress is being made, slower than I would like, but it is progress.  70% chance of strong storms tomorrow, so cross your fingers and send up a prayer that they finally got the roof sealed.  


  1. Dianne, I don't know how you do it...I would be one unhappy lady if it kept drip, dripping in my house on top of having everything torn up. You must be a saint.
    Love the new sinks. Your screened porch is going to be awesome!
    Enjoy the weekend, hope it is a dry one for you.

  2. You are getting there! I probably would have run away from home by now! I love the various elements you have chosen, especially your sinks and the ceiling planks. You will love your porch, too. I hope they get the roof sealed up in time -- that is just bizarre that they screwed that up. I hope the impending storms don't do any more damage. We are supposed to be getting them, too.

  3. Hang in there, Dianne. I've been thru remodeling, and there is an end to it; and when that time comes, you absolutely forget the frustrating road you were upon. Honest. We're all pulling for you, and look forward to the REVEAL~~ Take care. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  4. Oh, I know how frustrating this all is. Just keep your eye on the prize. It's going to be wonderful!

  5. just found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your renovations. I grew up in South Carolina out in 'the country'. My father (with his brother) built our house. The front porch was screened-in and we loved it. Our family spent many great times on that porch with many fewer mosquitoes and bugs than were outside the screen! We had a glider, rocking chairs, and a swing in our space and it was great. Later my dad added a small back porch, also screened. He kept a cot for afternoon naps there!!

  6. Wow this is quite an undertaking! We lived through a reno on our house 20 years ago but not quite as extensive. I did have to use my downstairs utility room for kitchen for a while so I know how awkward all this can be. Those are cute sinks!