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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

There is Light at the End!

Things are slowly but surely getting finished!  
You have seen the hood that is wood painted to look like metal. 
Cabinets without knobs....
Cabinets with knobs! I decided to go with wood knobs b/c our finished kitchen will have a Country French theme and I was told that the French use wood.  Not to mention the savings.  All the knobs we ordered on Ebay for less than $120.  Can you imagine what 180 metal knobs would have cost?
I have been using the range over the last two weeks and it is awesome!!  It is a GE Monogram 48" dual fuel with griddle.  I can't really fire it all the way up b/c the Vent-a-Hood isn't ready to use yet, but so far, I love it. 
Refrigerator cabinet.  We had room behind the fridge to install a narrow cabinet.  Once they install the dividers, I will fill it up with baking sheets and platters. 
Not loving the drawer microwave.  It takes forever for the drawer to open and it's noisy.  Hopefully once the walnut island top is installed it will be quiet.  
 Blue knobs on the blue cabinets
 The dining room cabinets with knobs.  The blue tape has instructions for the crew to rout finger pulls under the three pullout shelves. 
 Even the master bath cabinets got dressed.  
A single knob painted to match the pantry.  Our cabinet sub is so amazing, he took these to his shop and painted/stained them to match the cabinets.  
 The master bath had some major progress today.   
 The dormers are taking shape.  No other changes to report unfortunately.  Still lots to be done, but having a sink and being able to use my amazing range is making me happy!!


  1. I am pea-green with envy! You will have more storage than anybody in the Western Hemisphere! Everything is gorgeous -- the hood, the range, the cabinet work. You really found a great cabinet man. All that storage in the dining room is fabulous. Those dormers are looking pretty French, so I assume the whole house is going be French Country when finished? It's coming right along!

  2. Living through a remodel is trying. Lots of beautiful changes going on. We tore out our kitchen and remodeled and I couldn't believe the dust and clean up. Take care.

  3. Wow!! Everything looks beautiful and that is some stove! Unfortunately, it would go to waste in my house as I HATE to cook and do so as little as possible!! LOL!!
    I do not envy you the mess though!!
    Tanks so much for stopping by!!