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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nice While it Lasted!

During the holidays, the main part of the house looked almost normal.  Don't be fooled, it didn't last. 
We moved almost all of our belongings into a storage unit before construction started. At $225/month since April 2016, it was time for everything to come back home.  The crew was ready to start on the guest room and my hubby's office, so everything needed to move out of those rooms.  
Guest room before

Hubby's office.  No before shots as I couldn't even bear to look in this room! Let's just say his version of organized differs from mine. 
Dining room during the holidays.
Dining room today

There is stuff stashed everywhere there was an empty spot. 

The progress on the island is slow.  They are ready for the final sanding, but the sawdust will get all over.  

Saving sawdust to mix with resin to patch some of the larger knotholes and cracks.  The final filler will be copper dust mixed with resin. 

Clever hubby put a tent all around the island to try to contain the dust.  
Then he covered himself and got to work.  Another 3 or 4 weekends and it should be ready to start the tung oil finish.

My office/craft room
The interior painting is completed and the porch ceiling is finished.  It is the same color as the kitchen cabinets.  Eventually we will have four ceiling fans across the porch.  We are waiting for the estimate on the columns, corbels, and screens. 
We were supposed to be finished in October and here it is January.  I think another 30 days and we should be finished.  We still need exterior paint and the front porch finished.  We are ready to move furniture to it's proper place.  We started the process of converting our construction loan to a permanent mortgage which is very exciting and scary.  
I know everyone is tired of seeing construction photos at this point and so am I!  I am hoping for some finished photos very soon!  



  1. Hi, Dianne. You're so close to the finish line! I'm glad you got a glimpse at the holidays of how it's going to look. Whenever I have a large chore ahead, I just look at it in one small square at a time; not the total picture. It makes completion of the task not so overwhelming. Can't wait to see the end for you and the wonderful pictures you'll be sharing. Take care, you're almost there! Rosie

  2. I LOOOOOOVE those wide-plank floors! I probably would have run screaming into the hills by now, but this is going to be so worth it when you get finished. Clever man, your husband, to put up that tent to contain the dust. I am most curious about the copper dust part -- never heard of that!

  3. Late getting to read this, so by now I hope you are further down the road. Just think how wonderful this will be when it is all complete and your are settled again. I'm eager to see the photos!