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Monday, November 20, 2017

The Dining Room Transformation

The old dining room was large and had loads of natural light, BUT.... it was also separated from the rest of the house by a wall and two sets of sliding glass doors.  

I rarely took photos of this wall because I hated the view into the kitchen. 
The two china cabinets on the opposite wall were nice, but I always saw a lot of wasted space.  The ceiling fan and the popcorn ceiling were just down right ugly! 
When the doors and walls stated to come down, I was ecstatic!

We raised the ceiling from 8 feet to 12 feet in the dining room and installed a new back door that is four feet taller than the previous door.
We used spruce planking on the dining ceiling.
We replaced two of the china cabinets with built-ins. 

The pull-out shelf above each set of drawers is to provide a resting place.  The cabinet maker carefully matched the color of Mama's table and chairs for the new cabinets. 
I did keep one china cabinet on the back of the fireplace. 

The new view into the kitchen! 
This dining table & chairs were used by my husband's grandmother (Mama) for years on their farm in Memphis.  With no air conditioning and the hot temperatures, the shellack finish on the chairs melted in the summer, trapping lint and thread from everyone's clothing.  I refinished the chairs when we brought the set home, but the table has it's original finish.  Mama, kept the pads and several table clothes on the table at all times, so the table top was like new.  It is so wonderful to give Mama's table a deserving space and to finally be able to use my wonderful dining room. 
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  1. Ah.. that is fantastic! The large opening into the kitchen is beautiful... got to love the 12 foot ceilings and no popcorn! Great job!

  2. An outstanding transformation!! You're set for some wonderful family dinners and occasions. I love all your choices. Congratulations and enjoy the holidays in your new surroundings! Thank you for sharing your journey. Rosie

  3. Wow! What a beautiful space! I know this was a long project, but this result makes it all worth the time and effort. I've always envied your large dining room with space for that long table. Your vision to transform this room into this gorgeous dining space is stellar. Congratulations on a job well done! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Gee...I wish I could see it in person!!!😉

  5. Oh wow, dear friend you did an amazing transformation, I totally love it and I can imagine how exciting it must be for you! Your dining room looks gorgeous and yes, I specially love that high ceiling you created and the built ins are fabulous too!
    Enjoy it for ever.