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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bridemaid's Luncheon

Several months ago my MIL and I decide to host the bridesmaid's luncheon for a cousin's wedding.  My MIL is the flower queen and of course, setting tables is my thing, easy right?  Well, the wedding was in Memphis and the home for the luncheon was 30 miles outside of Memphis in Mississippi, in a home that we have been to visit only once. It had the makings of a logistical nightmare.

This is the home as you come down the driveway.  it is owned by one of hubby's cousins.  
The blank canvas.
My MIL brought her beautiful linens.  She also made the fresh boxwood topiaries.  
We planned to use the dishes, glassware, silver, etc, that was already in the house, but we didn't know exactly what we would be working with.  As you can see, we had plenty of choices!  
We used different placemats and glassware for the Bride and her Maid of Honor. 

I don't know the name of the pattern, but isn't it just lovely? 
Putting my past flower shop skills to use, adding the finishing touches to my MIL's arrangement. 

The place setting is Lenox Snow Lilly.  We kept it simple without chargers. Sweet china name cards I purchased on Ebay years ago.   I brought the pink glassware b/c it was a perfect match to tie in the flowers.  
I prepared the plates ahead of time in the kitchen.  The girls abandoned the plan to use the magnolia leaves as name cards at the reception.  
Fruit salad with passed Poppyseed Dressing and my favorite chicken salad. 

Now just a little tour of the house.

Sitting room just off the kitchen. 

 Floor to ceiling aquarium complete with bass.  

The wedding party.  
The lovely family that owns this home.  Sadly the two oldest girls were taken in a train accident about 15 years ago, shortly after this portrait was completed, and the mistress of the home went to be with the Lord last year.  What a joyful reunion that must have been! The youngest girl is one of the bridesmaids.


  1. Oh Dianne, This home is so lovely and your table was just beautiful. The flowers were breathtaking., Is the little girl in the portrait the bride? If so, I am sure her mama and older sisters were smiling down on her that day. xo

  2. What a beautiful wonderful Bridal Shower you and your MIL gave to this lucky young lady. Beautiful family and their home is stunning. I am sure her mother and sisters were there watching over this memorable occasion.
    Everything was perfect - the dishes, center pieces and the food looks so good.
    Thanks for sharing this special occasion and photo's of their stunning home.

  3. I lingered for a few minutes just on the first 2 photos. My goodness....what a stately home! I love that driveway!!! What a magnificent way to make your approach home after a long day! The belfry, the dormer windows, the columns, the "Rapunzel balcony"....it's just fabulous! Please tell you husband's cousin that I am free and available for all adoption opportunities! :-)

    So then we go inside and there's this unbelievably beautiful and spacious dining room. Could you hear your own echo in there? It's huge! What a pretty room! I love those transoms!!!

    And then we go on a tour of the house....and I just wanna cry, die and fly to the moon all at once!!! That "ices" wagon in the sitting room!!! The sweeping staircase...with a baby grand under it no less!!! The butler's pantry!!! The library....what's that all about??!?!?! It is just SO GRAND with all the treasures from the hunt and that aquarium!!! Holy moly!!! THIS is livin'!!!!!!!!

    I remember you telling me about the tragedies that have befallen this family, and it brings me to my knees to think one family could endure so much. The joy of it all is that Father and daughter had one another on this beautiful wedding weekend, and you and your mother-in-law did so much to make it pretty and wonderful in every way you could. Kudos to you both, and congratulations to the bride, the groom, and both of their extended families.

    P.S. - It's storming here tonight. Lots of thunder and lightning. I'm going to go to bed with sweet dreams of this house dancing in my head!!! :-)

  4. Beautiful home and party! The flowers and table are breathtaking. It is so sweet that you and MIL could do this for her. The bride is a beauty, and she looks so happy. The family story really makes it poignant.

  5. Diane - I have fond memories of this home - several family reunion events there. Thank you for taking me back through photos. I see the comments above and it truly is a beautiful home - if those commenters could only see the rest - the girls' rooms (are they still intact?), the cupola (where I spent lots of time as a younger girl), the pool and the lake. I know Jesse has loved this being her home. All of the luncheon photos I've seen here and elsewhere are beautiful. Congrats to you and Eileen for a beautiful event! (Oh and it was great to see you that weekend! - how is Daisy's training going?)

  6. Diane, you and your MIL were very thoughtful to help with this party. Everything looks stunning! The house is amazing. When you showed the first image, my first thought was how could this not be anything but amazing.
    Love the tall topiaries either side of the beautiful floral arrangement, and your plated lunch looks both delicious and pretty. Sad to know of the loss this family has suffered.

  7. What a magnificent home and a gorgeous setting you did! So very pretty and feminine, without being too sweet - just lovely touches like the pink stemware and lacey placemats. I just love the napkins in particular. And of course the floral pulls the whole thing together. Beautiful!


  8. Y'all did a beautiful job with the luncheon, especially considering you didn't know what you'd be working with before you got there. What a gorgeous home, but such a sad story for the family.

  9. Dianne, I haven't been blog surfing in ages.. so glad I did. This post made my day. I loved seeing "my wedding china"!!! The linens are stunning, oh very very stunning. The embroidered voile napkins are amazing too. Your mil does a fabulous job with the flowers. wow. Thanks for sharing with us.
    That is a lot of tragedy for one family, so very sad. Heartbreaking.
    xo marlis