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Saturday, January 9, 2016

How Many Years?

You may remember that Mr Creative and I got married on New Year's Eve.  We have a dinner party every year to celebrate.  Our problem this year, was we couldn't agree on how many years we have been married!  
We got married on Dec 31, 1998.  I just did the math:  1998 - 2015 is 17 years.  Mr Creative argues that we were only married a few hours in 1998, so it should be 16 years.  

Homemade black runner
Chargers - Pottery Barn Outlet
Plates - Old Time Pottery
Flatware - Onieda Sheraton

Even Miss Daisy Mae can't settle this one! 

Everyone loves the Christmas Specs.  They are fun and make each light look like a snowflake. 
So, as we said goodbye to 2015, we also said goodbye to our dining room, dishes, candle sticks, etc.  Very soon, everything will be boxed up ready for demo.   Next year, we will celebrate in our completely remodeled downstairs!  I know I am a little late, but Happy New Year to all.  Tablescape Thursday


  1. The table is stunningly beautiful! Where is the photo of the happy couple?

  2. Oh, my what a beautiful dinner party, Dianne. What ever the year (Ha, Ha!) the next anniversary will be extra special celebrated in the newly remodeled space.
    Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  3. Counted on m little fingers and got 17. Wonder how your other half counted??? LOL

  4. I too got 17, lol.. Anyway, what matters is how happy you are both together and how much you love each other.
    Your table with black is stunning! I love all the elegant details and dishes.
    I'm inspired to make me a back runner too. I bet next year it will be fabulous in the new space.
    I followed your blog. Hope you like to follow back.