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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Packing It In!

It's time!  Provided the bank agrees with our plans, we will start demo in about a month.  I have been bringing boxes home from work for a month.  Time to start unloading, sorting, and packing it all up.  


I gathered liquor boxes for all the stemware.  The dividers made wrapping unnecessary. These few didn't fit. I will have to hit Old Time Pottery for some empty boxes.  

At the last minute I decided to stack all the china and cake plates in the guest room rather than wrap and pack it.  I felt it would be safer there than in a Pod outside.  I plan to stack all the placemats and napkins on the bed.  
It's a start, but I still have VERY long way to go.  The dining room will probably be emptied completely tomorrow.  Then I will start on my craft room which will take some t-i-m-e!!  


  1. Goodness, that packing is a big job. Almost as big as moving! Think using pods is a great idea. Good luck with your demo.

  2. It's a big job, but just think how nice it will be when the project is complete. Good luck with all, and don't over do it. ;-)

  3. Dianne, packing dishes/glassware is such a tedious job, but I am sure it will all be worth it in the end! Best wishes with your re-model.

  4. Wow -- this looks like a BIG job. I gather you are not completely moving out? I have never tried a pod, although we have considered it. Our big job this year is the MBR floor, but at least I don't have to move all those dishes, etc. like we did last year. You will have a fabulous space when it is all said and done.