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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Real Walls!

Things have been busy around here!  The sheetrock crew has been here two days and has a few more days to go.  What a difference a wall makes!
View from the front door all the way into the dining room in the back of the house.
Front door and coat closet.  I plan to use wood on the wall between the door and closet and have hooks for guest coats and bench below.  I haven't decided on the type of wood treatment I want. 
The cozy family room.  
 View into the kitchen with our temporary kitchen in the way.  
 View from the dining room toward the pantry.  Once the walls went up, I was immediately sorry I didn't make the pantry at least two feet wider.  
 Toward the front door. 

View into dining room.  Built in china cabinets will be on either side of back door.  
Pocket door frame between kitchen and my craft room.  I am thinking I want a door with window here. 
Sheetrock crew will be back tomorrow for light sanding and 2nd coat of mud.  Serious sanding starts on Wed.  The thought of all that dust makes me want to run for hills! 


  1. WE have hills here... you could run here anytime, well walk, you know the knee thing - But anytime you need to escape you're welcome :)
    I love how open the whole space is going to be. Just wonderful to see the walls up, it helps define what the space is going to be - and cant the crew open up the pantry a bit more before they finish mudding.....

  2. Things are looking better and better each week...bet it will be a big relief when everything is done and you can get back to a "normal" routine. Can't wait to see everything when it is done.
    Have a great week, Dianne.

  3. It is moving right along! This is going to be fabulous. Since you wanted the pantry bigger, is it too late now to ask them to do that? I have never done a reno this extensive, so I don't know.