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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cotton-Eyed Candy

You may have seen (or are sick of seeing) all my previous posts from Round Top Tx.  Now I get to show you what I bought for me! 
 My Johnson Brothers pitcher and bowl.  I just love the soft lines.  

The cotton was "donated" by a farmer somewhere near the AR and TN border.  Promise you won't tell.  Didn't know this, but cotton continues to open. 

The runner is cut from a bolt of handwoven linen used to make flour sacks.  It came from the mountains in Austria.  

This is Anna and her wonderful store in Warrenton TX, filled with jaw-dropping handmade imported linens that she brings back from her home country of Austria each year.  I have more from her to share in the future.  
 Love these candlesticks from Home Goods.  Just walked by clearance and there they were, waiting for me. 

A contribution from my husband's recent scouting trip in the woods.  

Probably one of my favorite purchases.  French crystal knife rests from Marberger Farm.  So inexpensive, I couldn't resist.   
Cambridge flatware from Ross.  Can't beat Ross prices. 

 Mikasa Antique White paired with Mikasa Gourmet Basics Brava

Chargers from Save Alot on Crafts.com.  Great source for cool stuff. 

Punkin thinks I can't see him leaving his fuzzy hair all over the chairs!   Come join the party at Susan's Tablescape Thursdays 


  1. That's OK...Punkin is so fluffy that his hair will mix right in with the cotton! This is a beautiful table, Dianne! I have seen cotton once as we were driving through some state in the South, but never got out to look at it up close. You say it continues to open after it's collected? That's cool! So it's like a flower...like a stargazer or rose or something. That's cool! It really makes for a striking centerpiece along with your new "toy." Your place settings are very, very pretty. Love the color combo and the napkin pattern! Nice contribution from your hubby, too! :-)

  2. Alycia,
    Yes, cotton does continue to open. When I brought it home it had unopened pods all over and now there are only two left. When we moved to TN from Pittsburgh, my Mom grew cotton plants to put on Christmas presents to send home! Thank you for your kind comments. I feel like I have been visited by the "queen" of tables! Dianne

  3. Love your pretty cotton table -- I love the way the cotton "blossoms" look for your centerpiece. Pretty pretty!

  4. Love the cotton! Makes a beautiful centerpiece for your table! Love those knife rests!

  5. This is a fantastic cotton table! Each and every single picture is beautiful.Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  6. Love your table with all the browns and whites! My grandparents grew cotton. I even picked some as a little girl. I love how you've used it as an arrangement.

  7. I love this! The cotton is the perfect inspiration, and I think it is downright elegant with the brown and white.

  8. I love your cotton-pickin table, Dianne! I love all the white with the brown...fabulous centerpiece. The cotton looks so soft...makes for a lovely "bouquet".
    Thanks for sharing this awesome table.

  9. Punkin needs to meet Regan.. they could be cousins.. so sweet. I loe your table. Using cotton for the centerpiece is a great idea.. We didn't have much this year, so i resisted cutting any. I love your brown and white table.. this is stunning. Absolutely stunning. xo marlis

  10. Love this post! My husband just drove to IL from Texas and told me he saw lots of cotton gorwing. When I lived in Ms. I use to think the cotton fields were wonderful coming from NY. I just love your table. Love the color combo.
    Blessings My Friend,

  11. I'm originally from AL, so when I saw that cotton, I had to come see it! Great tablescape, love the browns! The cotton is perfect in the pitcher and bowl! Nice job!


  12. Beautiful setting! I loved the candlesticks immediately--and of course they were from Home Goods. I love Home Goods! Everything is so pretty and creative in its arrangement. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Oh, Dianne, you have a beautiful blog. Thank you for reading, commenting and following mine. It's good to have a fellow Brentwood blogger here. We live in Southern Woods on the NE side of the county (barely in Brentwood). We also have Pittsburgh in common. My brother-in-law and his wife are in the McMurray/Canonsburg area of Pittsburgh.

    So sorry that you didn't win the china, but you can imagine how happy that I am!!